Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am grateful for many things but especially for the wonderful people in my life 
both personally and professionally, 
family and friends. 
They all add spice to the pot luck of my life.

I am thankful for the wonderful education my parents gave me, 
great books by wonderful Latin@ writers, 
and last but not least, my family.

I'm grateful for my newborn nephew, Marley; and I'm grateful to be a bloguera since 2010.

I'm thankful for La Bloga and todos sus escritores ¡y que viva la poesía 
y la literatura chican@/Latin@!

I thank:
the planet for tolerating us this long and having the wisdom to learn from its mistakes and next time picking something better to put on top of its food chain.
los dioses that I was born chicano; and that Dick Cheney wasn't--we've already got enough vergüenza.
my kids for not picking someone else to be their dad.
my wife, for her patience.
my mom. Period

 I am thankful for my familia, my kindergarten students, my two books that were published in 2013 and the two new picture book manuscripts that I sold this year. 
I am agradecido for La bloga, 
los blogueros and all our readers.

 I am thankful for mi familia, mi mama (90 years young!), mi papa (96 years young), my dear sister, & nephew. So thankful for my daughter and all the gifts she brings to my life. 
I am thankful for the most amazing, generous, loving friends en mi vida. 
And thankful for La Bloguera familia and all its readers!

familia sedano is especially thankful to see our daughter's familia building their dream 
home on their gorgeous land, 
and that they've moved in with gramma and grampa during the building year. 
We get to be gramma and grampa every day.
And I'm thankful for 9 years of La Bloga. 
¡Adelante toward a decade!

 I am thankful for my kid and my husband, who put up with me; 
for my beautiful grandhedgehog Lía;
for my Güelita en el cielo, who taught me how to make Cuban stuffing;
for my friend Emilia, who baked 7 pies for our dinner for 7;
for my students, who teach me so much;
for bilingual publishers, for believing;
for the folks at Rosa Linda's in north Denver, who for 29 years have been feeding the needy,
for reminding us what Thanksgiving is about:
"¡Toca puerta, ten una conversación, adopta a una familia!
La persona mayor que está sola, el veterano, el inmigrante recién llegado,
no te necesita solamente hoy..."

Por La Bloga que nos permite compartir con otros soñadores.
A todos ustedes:
¡Feliz día de San Güibin!


Manuel Ramos said...

And we are all grateful to Lydia for putting this issue together on behalf of La Bloga. Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños La Bloga! Nine years and still going strong.

Anonymous said...

Sí, Lydia, muchísimas gracias por su labor.


I have a lot to be thankful for too. Next year is looming large already. ¡Viva La Bloga!