Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just In Case

Review by Ariadna Sánchez

Can you imagine a birthday party without presents?
Gifts are one way to demonstrate how much you care for a person. The perfect gift you can give to a friend, son, daughter, husband or wife is your love and sincere friendship.
Just In Case by Yuyi Morales is a great story that teaches the importance of love over the material goods.  Presents are complements that shine when you give them from the bottom of your heart. True friends give you respect, honesty, and help you succeed in life.
Just In Case is another trickster tale that will help your children learn the alphabet in Spanish. In this splendid story, Señor Calavera and Zelmiro the Ghost will catch your attention from A to Z. Señor Calavera is invited to Grandma Beetle’s Birthday Party. On his way to the party, Señor Calavera forgets to buy a special treat for Grandma Beetle, but do not panic because Zelmiro the Ghost appears to help Señor Calavera to find the perfect gift for her.
Señor Calavera and Zelmiro the Ghost begin their adventure to find presents for Grandma Beetle. Señor Calavera ABC’s journey is a rollercoaster of fun. From a melodious acordeón or a delicious granizado or maybe a fancy moño or some yerbabuena for a cup of tea. The clock is ticking, and Señor Calavera is running out of time to select the gifts for Grandma Beetle. When Señor Calavera finally grabs everything he wants, he trips and falls off the he bike letting all he gifts fly into the air.  Poor Señor Calavera, so much work for nothing. He is definitely feeling upset. Then an idea pops-up from his brain and right before Grandma Beetle blows her candles on the cake, Señor Calavera arrives with Grandpa Zelmiro representing the best birthday present Abuelita Beetle could have.

Gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive, luxurious, or extravagant. The gifts that really matter are the ones that come from the bottom of one’s heart. Less is more. Remember that reading gives you wings. Read this amazing book soon!

Who is Señor Calavera?

Video by Yuyi Morales/ A Puritito Corazon Production

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