Monday, November 25, 2013

William A. Nericcio holds court at UCLA’s Chicano Studies Research Center to rapt crowd

William A. Nericcio is a professor of English and comparative literature at San Diego State University, where he also serves on the faculties of the Latin American studies and Chicana/o studies departments, and as director of MALAS (Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences), a cultural studies graduate program. He is the author of Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of“Mexicans” in America (2007), and editor of The Hurt Business: Oliver Mayer's Early Works Plus [+] (2008) and Homer from Salinas: John Steinbeck’s Enduring Voice for California (2009). Nericcio blogs at and

On November 19, he held court to a rapt crowd at UCLA’s Chicano Studies Research Center with a lively (and often hilarious) lecture titled, “From Tex[t]-Mex to Mextasy to Eyegiene: Televisually Supercharged Hallucinations of ‘Mexicans’ in our Digital Humanities-laced, Technosexually Voyeuristic Tomorrow(s).”

I will not attempt to summarize or analyze Nericcio’s provocative presentation…I strongly suggest that you visit his blog and Tumbr pages (linked above) and read his engaging book, Tex[t]-Mex, which was reviewed by La Bloga’s very own gluten-free intellectual, Michael Sedano, here. The great news is that Nericcio is working on a new book.

Here are some photos of the event. You will recognize several of the faces. And if you’re interested in attending events at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, visit here for a complete schedule.

Professor Alicia Gaspar de Alba giving introductory remarks. 

Manuel Ramos and wife, Flo, paying attention.

William A. Nericcio lecturing with visual aids.

More visual aids.

…y más…

Elegance in motion.

Professor Otto Santa Ana listens to a question as William Nericcio enjoys the moment.

A slide of the poster for this event.

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bill nericcio said...

Gracias Gracias Gracias--and to UCLA as well for hosting the textmextian shindig!