Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Tooth Fairy Meets El Ratón Pérez

Review by Ariadna Sánchez

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” Helen Keller.

February is best known as the month dedicated to love and friendship. During the following days many persons around the globe will celebrate it with roses, greetings cards, chocolates and stories.
The Tooth Fairy meets el Ratón Pérez is written by René Colato Laínez and illustrated by Tom Lintern. When we learn to share, we break out of the boundaries of our ego and recognize the humanity of the other. At the end of the story, young readers will discover that "sharing is caring."
Miguelito is a Mexican-American boy who loss his tooth and places it under his pillow. That night, the Tooth Fairy and El Ratón Pérez arrive for Miguelito's tooth. El Ratón Pérez and the Tooth Fairy are among the most beloved childhood characters. The expectation that these characters generate is incredible. A radiant coin is what boys and girls expect the next morning under their pillows. Colato Laínez has the ability to portray in a marvelous and hilarious way the cultural encounter that occurred when the Tooth Fairy meets El Ratón Pérez. The folktale goes beyond the coins that either both characters could place under Miguelito's pillow. The story guides the young readers toward a huge message that focus on teamwork, the power of an effective communication and tolerance.  El diente as El Ratón Pérez refers to the tooth help him as fashion rocket to visit the moon. While for the Tooth Fairy, she will use it to build her sparkling castle.
After working out their differences the Tooth Fairy and El Ratón Pérez strongly agree that Miguelito deserves a nice and special surprise. They decided to leave Miguelito 2 shiny coins.
This beautiful story helps the children to embrace their culture while learning the importance of experimenting two cultures at the same time.

Immigration creates a unique experience that has a big impact in our children lives. For more amazing stories run to your nearest local library today. Remember that reading gives you wings!

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