Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My very own room

Review by Ariadna Sánchez

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Speaking of freedom, today’s book review presents a very unique experience where a little girl wants to have a special place where she can be herself.

My very own room is a fascinating story written by Amada Irma Pérez and with attractive illustrations by Maya Christina Gonzalez.

The book is a beautiful childhood memoir of Amada Irma Pérez. By sharing her adventures through her book, the author allows us to learn about her family’s struggles and her love for books. The story portrays a nine year old Mexican American girl who is tired of sharing a room with her five little brothers. The girl wants to have her very own room. She wishes for a place where she could let her imagination fly.

The house has 2 bedrooms and one bath, and it’s always noisy and crowded.  Relatives and friends coming from Mexico to look for a job in the United States are always coming in and out. One day, the girl discovers a storage closet and decides to use it as her own place. However, her mother did not agree with the idea of using the storage closet as her own room. The girl was determined to have her own room, so she convinced her mother to allow her to use the storage room as her own room. The entire family helped to empty the storage closet and convert it into a nice and cozy bedroom.

Visit your local library this afternoon and check out more stories by Amada Irma Pérez and Maya Christina Gonzalez.  Remember reading give

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Mona AlvaradoFrazier said...

I love all three of Amada's vibrant bilingual books. They are a must for all children as the themes prompt valuable discussion.