Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book prize! Ramos feature. No XL in Dakota. Besos y amor.

Win autographed Rosa Parks book

In honor of Black History Month, Lee and Low Books is offering two chances to win an autographed copy of Dear Mrs. Parks: A Dialogue with Today's Youth, by Rosa Parks. Go here to Like and enter.

Lee and Lowe Books is an award-winning children's publisher focusing on diversity. Our books are about everyone, for everyone.

Ramos is one of a 100

Bloguero Manuel Ramos got his second biggest valentine yesterday from Denver Westword. He's #10 of 100 Colorado Creatives in Arts, Culture and Books, joining La Bloga compadre Mario Acevedo, and others. If you'd like to give Ramos un beso directly on the cacheta, go to his Facebook. (Mario already gets more than he can wipe.)

Native-American tribes resist Keystone Xl

Obama and the Keystone XL Pipeline might beg for the peace pipe when they try building through Native American lands. The seven tribes of the Lakota Nation, along with tribal members and tribes in Idaho, Oklahoma, Montana, Nebraska and Oregon, are preparing to stop construction of the 1,400 kilometre pipeline planned to run through the U.S., from Montana through Nebraska.

“It poses a threat to our sacred water and the product is coming from the tar sands and our tribes oppose tar sands mining,” said Deborah White Plume, of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, part of the Lakota Nation in South Dakota. “All our tribes have taken action to oppose the Keystone XL.”

If you think plentiful gas for our cars isn't worth desecrating the remaining homelands still in Native hands, read the rest of this story.

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Manuel Ramos said...

Thanks, Rude, for the mention. Happy Valentine's to you. Watch those chocolate kisses.