Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Nana’s Remedies

Review by Ariadna Sánchez

I remember with great pleasure both of my grandmothers, Licha and Carmela. They used medicinal plants to treat illnesses. My abuelitas were amazing curanderas and storytellers. They sure knew how to heal the body and the soul.

The book My Nana’s Remedies written by Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford and tenderly illustrated by Edna San Miguel is a warm bilingual story that shows the immense knowledge of Nana when preparing a series of herbal remedies to treat her sick granddaughter.  Nana uses native medicine plants to cure from insomnia to a stomach ache. By doing this, Nana passes down to her granddaughter the vast richness of traditions, love, and skills in every remedy she gently prepares. Nana’s remedies bring two generations together to celebrate the beauty of family relationships. Nana’s wisdom is a legacy that will last in her granddaughter’s memory for ever just like the way I treasure my lovely abuelitas in my heart and memory.

At the end of the book, there is a useful medicinal plant glossary by Ana Lilia Reina that provides the readers a precise description of some of the most popular plants used around the world. My Nana’s Remedies is an excellent option to read during the summer. Special thanks to Restaurant Casa Oaxaca for making possible this pretty picture. Visit your local library for more stunning stories. Reading gives you wings. ¡Hasta Pronto!

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Desiree said...

Another great book to add to the Literacy Center

Anonymous said...

Gracias, Ariadna, por compartir mi libro junto con las emociones y las conexiones que ilumina el cuento.
¡Aviso! en unos cuantos meses estará listo mi 3er libro, publicado por CINCO PUNTOS PRESS, el cual se llama MY TATA'S REMEDIES/LOS REMEDIOS DE MI TATA. Espero les traiga muchos más recuerdos y santos remedios :-)
Thank you, Ariadna, for sharing my book with emotions and connections that bring this story to light.
Notification! In a few months my 3rd book will be ready, published by CINCO PUNTOS PRESS titled MY TATA'S REMEDIES/LOS REMEDIOS DE MI TATA. I hope it brings more fond memories and and healing to all.

Jade said...

I just published a novel and it deals with curanderas as an underlying concept in his family.
The name of the book is CHICANO by Sheila O'Malley ISBN:0692243860 ISBN-13:978-0692243862

The journey of a lifetime takes a young boy from his home in Naco, Mexico, up the San Pedro River, through the Arizona desert, all the way to Aspen, Colorado and then back to his hometown. It is also his journey of becoming "Chicano".