Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Macondo Public Reading

Please join us this Friday, July 25, from 7:00-9:00pm, at the historic Guadalupe theater in San Antonio Texas for a FREE PUBLIC READING by notable "MACONDISTAS" (a group of socially engaged professional writers and participants of this year's Summer Macondo Workshop) 

Confirmed readers include: San Antonio poet laureate, Laurie Ann Guerrero, former San Antonio poet laureate Carmen Tafolla, Gabriela Lemmons, Joe Jimenez, Jose B. Gonzalez, Ben Olguin, Rene Colato Lainez and more talented writers.

About The Macondo Workshops: 
The Macondo workshops started in 1995 at the kitchen table of the poet and writer Sandra Cisneros in San Antonio. These yearly workshops aimed to bring together a community of poets, novelists, journalists, performance artists, and creative writers of all genres whose work is socially engaged. Their work and talents are part of a larger task of community-building and non-violent social change. What united them was a commitment to work for under-served communities through their writing. 

With the blessing of its founder and the board of the Macondo Foundation, the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center administers the summer Macondo workshops.

This unique environment is unlike any other literary initiative in the United States. It is premised in Cisneros’ vision to create a homeland for writers who are working in underserved communities. Macondo has fostered a vibrant and growing community of writers who view their writing as way of giving back to the community and changing lives by fostering literacy.

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