Thursday, February 05, 2015

Chicanonautica: The Year of Ancient Chicano Sci-Fi Wisdom

We're in bit of timewarp here. I'm writing this as a get ready to spend the bulk of the weekend going over my lecture notes for the master class in science fiction writing I'll be teaching at UC, Riverside's Writers Week. By the time you read this, I'll be back home resting from delivering Ancient Chicano Sci-Fi Wisdom. Spacetime can be a bitch.

2015 hit the ground running, and is stampeding across the planet. I'm hanging of for dear life, wondering where it's going to go. Where ever we end up, it's gonna be wild ride.

Just in January, I had three stories accepted:

Where Civilizations Goe to Die,” another adventure of Victor Theremin, the AI-aided science fiction writer who's lost track of where his life ends and the sci-fi begins, will appear Bewildering Stories.

Flying Under the Texas Radar with Paco and Los Freetails,” in which Paco Cohen, Mariachi of Mars escapes the planet has been officially accepted by Latino/a Rising.

Guerrilla Mural of a Siren's Song,” the story that exploded into my novel Cortez on Jupiter will be one of the Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany.

And you can now read the first chapter of Cortez on Jupiter, free, on line!

To further complicate things, my wife uncovered a big box of my old sketchbooks while cleaning out the garage. All that crazy artwork may actually come in handy.

Ernest Hogan knows where his life ends and the science fiction begins, and is not being helped or studied by any artificial intelligences . . . as far has he knows.


Anonymous said...

Lots of good news, but there are so many typos in this, sir, I found it difficult to read.


Now I see the typos. I'll deal with them later. Got a lot of running around to do today. This a crazy year.


Message from headquarters: Info encoded in typos received.