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Chicanos & Chicanas in Italy

Xánath Caraza

La Palabra en el Mundo, Venice, Italy

Find out what is going on with these Chican@s in Italy: Alejandro Murguía, Natalia Treviño y la que escribe--from Rome to Mantova y de regreso.

Upcoming at the Instituto Cervantes in Rome, Italy, Alejandro Murguía, poet laureate of San Francisco, CA, will be part of the reading series, El Latido, organized by Zingonia Zingone on June 5 at 7 p.m.  At the same event, he will also have his book realease of Offerte di Carta (Gilgamesh Edizioni, 2015). This should be a wonderful opportunity for the Roman literary community to hear and learn about Murguía’s work. 

In addition to the reading Murguía will have in Rome, he has recently had one in Italy.  See the series of photos of his book release in Mantova, Lombardia during the International Poetry Festival Virgilio 2015. Buena suerte! 

Offerte di Carta (Gilgamesh Edizioni, 2015) by Alejandro Murguia, Mantova, Lombardia, Italy
Alejandro Murguia and Igor Costanzo

The International Poetry Festival Virgilio 2015 had the participation of dos Chicanos this year.  In addition to Murguía, I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of this festival too, and on Sunday, May 24, with the support of Silvia Favaretto, who kindly translated several of my poems into Italian.  As well, Emily Pigozzi read and performed my poems in Italian, we had a meaningful bilingual event in Mantova with a full house.  Viva la poesía!

Silvia Favaretto, Xanath Caraza and Emily Pigozzi

In addition to Murguía and myself, another Chicana in Italy is Natalia Treviño who is working on her second book of poetry focused on La Virgen.  Here is a photo of her writing desk.  I am looking forward to seeing her second book of poetry be published soon.  Más y más, Natalia.

El escritorio de Natalia Trevino
What is more, additional Chican@ writers, artists as well as musicians are being celebrated in Italy.  Today, Progetto 7Lune released a wonderful Chicana Issue, Plaqueta Digital, in Venice, Italy. Seven Chicanas were translated into Italian, in addition to one artist and a Chicano Band.  Find out who they are. 

In Other News:

As part of presenting Chican@ literature in Italy, I’d like to take a moment to thank Zingonia Zingone for the invitation to be part of the Poetry Reading Series, El Latido, on May 22, in Rome, and to thank Cinzia Marulli for reading/performing my work in Italian. 

Los libros de Xanath Caraza

Xanath y Zingonia

Cinzia Marulli

Not only Chican@ literature, but also additional international literature is on the horizon it Italy.  In the city of Salerno, Italy the 100 Thousand Poets for Change World Conference will take place June 3-8. 

Yet, one more story of celebrating Chican@ literature while in Italy, I would like to share with La Bloga readers that I received a pleasant surprise in the middle of the night, when I learned that my book of poetry, Sílabas de viento / Syllables of Wind (Mammoth Publications, 2014) is the Award-Winner in the “Poetry” category of the 2015 International Book Awards.  Parts of Sílabas de viento / Syllables of Wind were written with the support from the Beca Nebrija para Creadores 2014 award from the Instituto Franklin in Alcalá de Heneares, Madrid, Spain.  Translators, Sandra Kingery and Tirso Bautista Cárdenas, art by Adriana Manuela and foreword by Carlos J. Aldazábal.  Viva la poesía!

Syllables of Wind, Award-Winner in the "Poetry" category of the 2015 International Book Awards



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Congratulations on your award, and how wonderful to see you represent Chicanas in Italy. Abrazos a Natalia! -M. Miranda Maloney