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Día de muertos / Day of the Dead at The Writers Place in Kansas City, MO

Xánath Caraza

Day of the Dead at The Writers Place

The Writers Place celebrates Día de muertos, Day of the Dead in Kansas City, MO on November 6 at 7 p.m. Our featured writers for 2015 are, our mismísima bloguera, Amelia de la Luz Montes and Gabriela Lemmons.  Also included Kalpulli Izkali, Aztec Dancers, and the Band Hide in the Shadows. Emcees, la que escribe, and Maryfrances Wagner.


Amelia María de la Luz Montes

Amelia María de la Luz Montes is Associate Professor of English and Ethnic Studies at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Her Penguin Classics edition of Ruiz de Burton's novel Who Would Have Thought It? was listed on the Latino Books Month List from the Association of American Publishers. She is currently working on a critical text on Chicana and Latina Midwest writers and a creative non-fiction book entitled The Diabetes Chronicles.

Gabriela N. Lemmons

Gabriela N. Lemmons is the daughter of migrant workers with a storyteller father who inspired her to write down his recollections. She writes bilingual poetry and creative non-fiction. She has an MFA from KU, and has been published in Kansas City Hispanic News, Present Magazine, Primera Página, and others. 

Hide in the Shallows

Hide in the Shallows is a fusion of indie folk and acoustic rock style. Their bilingual lyrics fosters their identities as Allen Arias (guitar and composer) is from Costa Rica, Stephanie Goings (percussion) from Philippines, and Stephen Barber from USA as they perform about their life experiences. This cross-cultural trio are inspired with their own heritage influences as well as Swedish and domestic musicians. Allen notes that the band's name "Hide in the Shallows" is a catch-22, representing the struggle foreigners feel when they want to call this land home.

Kalpulli Izkali, Aztec Dancers


Altars by Xánath Caraza and World's Window

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