Friday, November 20, 2015

November Musings 2015

Sunset in Santa Barbara
Thank you to everyone who responded to my post last month, The Case of the Missing Quilts. Fibervision was happy to recover their art. The art show's management did not need to pay the $5000 finder's fee as the problem was solved by UPS, who received the missing pallet traveled and delivered it back to Fibervision. Read all about the case on LaBloga, along with the sample ekphrastic artwork and two of my poems that inspired the fiber artists. This will not be the last time I mention the show. Fibervision is currently working on a pinning down a date to showcase the fiber arts inspired by Santa Barbara Sunday Poets. There will be a reading, art show, reception, and overall party next April in Santa Barbara. The show will be up for two months in April and May of 2016. Stay tuned for the poetry month party update.

My friend Kat made me a triple chocolate mousse cake. 

It's my birthday on Monday. As I contemplate being a woman who is over forty. I feel very blessed for each day. Although I know I will not succumb to the rare disease that took my mother at age 44, I am grateful for each moment. It took almost a decade, but at some point, I decided to start living by her joyous example. Breaking my leg last year slowed me down a bit, but I am fully recovered and only have one scar on my leg and some minor fears of falling. With a little help from my friends, I will get over these fears. If I have any friends in La Blogasphere who would like to help celebrate my birthday, I ask that you support Reyna Grande's ToyFund. Read more about the children of her hometown, Iguala, and see if you'd like to brighten a child's Christmas. 
A CMAS class at the University of Texas
I kicked off my birthday month with a visit to the University of Texas in Austin. I spoke to the Center of Mexican American Studies (CMAS) and the next day visited a class in the department that was teaching my novel, Ocotillo Dreams. It was nice to go back to that book, but it also made me realize it's time I finish a new book. Although Ocotillo Dreams was supposed to be a historical novel, the issues about immigration continue to be relevant. The students in Marcel Brousseau's class asked great questions. The bell rang and we ended the class visit with an Austin style selfie.

My last bit of November musings is the book, Latina Authors and Their Muses, available now in digital and paperback. This book interviews 40 Latina authors. Each interview runs 6-7 pages. I'm honored to be included in this volume. In two weeks, I will post an interview with the anthology's editor, Mayra Calvini. This book is unique among anthologies, features an array of amazing women, including its editor. Sure, I'm biased. 
Iris de Anda, Karineh Mahdessian, Alex Hohmann, Melinda Palacio, and Luivette Resto
(not pictured but present and a featured reader last week at Avenue 50 Studio, Jessica Ceballos)

Speaking of amazing women. I had the wonderful opportunity to be amongst my tribe of fierce poets at Avenue 50 Studio last Sunday for La Palabra's monthly reading. Tomorrow, Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park offers another unforgettable evening of poetry with Poets Laureate de Califas SF y LA, Luis J. Rodriguez and Alejandro Murguia, November 21 at 6pm. 

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