Thursday, December 10, 2015

Chicanonautica: My Art and Career Go to College in Chicago

Once again, Anthony Romero and Josh Rios have put some of the art and artifacts of my bizarre career on display in Chicago. You can read about it over at Mondo Ernesto. Here, you can have a look at some of this stuff.

They look so nice in frames. And there are some words included to help explain where all this madness came from.

Under somebody's ceramic cybervato is the original edition of Cortez on Jupiter with an article I wrote about Aztec things that go bump in the night.

Here's one of my dinosaur stories that appeared in Science Fiction Age. This one allowed me to romp about futuristic developments in South America, and pay tribute to the monster movies that inspired me in my childhood.

Even though this installation is at college rather than a gallery, if anybody is interested in buying any of these beautifully displayed pages out of my sketchbooks, please get in touch. I'm willing to make deals.

Ernest Hogan has been called the Father of Chicano Science Fiction. His “Chicanonautica Manifesto” is in the Fall 2015, Volume 40, Number 2 of Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies. He was born in East L.A., and his mother's maiden name is Garcia

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