Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Charmed Life / Una vida con suerte

Written by Gladys E. Barbieri
    Illustrated by Lisa Fields

  •             Hardcover: 32 pages
  •             Publisher: Pinata Books; Bilingual edition (May 30, 2016)
  •             Language: English
  •             ISBN-10: 155885827X
  •             ISBN-13: 978-1558858275

Felicia always feels very small when she and her mom walk by the huge homes and beautiful gardens to the house where her mother works as a cleaning lady. "I need you to behave," her mother says, reminding her of all the things she should and shouldn't do.

But Felicia gets bored, and in spite of her mother's warnings, begins to explore. She finds a bedroom full of toys. How she wished that her house looked like this! From a window she sees an inviting swing set in the back yard, and soon she's breaking all of her mother's rules.

When Mrs. Fitzpatrick comes outside, Felicia can't help but wonder if the woman knows she was roaming through the house. To her surprise, the red-headed woman offers her lemonade and cookies instead of a scolding. Soon the two realize that even though they live in different worlds they have something in common. This bilingual picture book will lend itself to conversations about hopes and dreams and the differences among people.

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