Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Message From Francisco X. Alarcón

English translation by Esthela Alarcón

Dear friends - below please find my attempt at the English translations for my brother's last message to all. Thank you Sonia Gutiérrez for you input. I am posting the original print. As mentioned before, this comes from a transcript I did from a video recording my sister did the night before my brother Francisco X. Alarcón passed. Listening to his words was not easy, as he proclaimed them with the little energy he had left. But his love and passion came through.

¡Viva la vida!

Esthela Alarcón

January 14, 2016 (a recording from my brother)

"I want to invoke the unifying force of the universe that in the Mesoamerican tradition is called Teotl.

Teotl means unity, the divine unity that is made up of two forces: Teoquecutli and Quezihuhuatl – the female divinity and male divinity. And together we greet the four directions – as we have done in the past:

To the North – Tahui!
To the East – Tahui!
To the South – Tahui!
And to the West – Tahui!

As we invoke each of these four directions, we remember love, charity and hope – that are all universal. Because in the end, the truth does not only belong to one pueblo; it belongs to all. All human beings share the same aspirations and hopes. They aspire for the divine. They aspire to transcend. They aspire to have a place in the universe that can be everlasting.

I have had the privilege of learning about the Mesoamerican tradition in a very profound way. The day when human beings can truly feel and appreciate and in some way value that tradition, that has been oppressed for over 500 years, and that we the Mesoamericans continue it, in our hearts as something real, as something that belongs to us.

That is why it is so important for me, that at the end of the day, its charity and hope, faith in humanity, that is able to sweep away these borders, these barriers, these obstacles that separate us one from another, that makes some think they are greater than others.

Even Pope John XXIII already believed in this – and now I think that Francisco I has been able to be true to this tradition. 

I want everyone here, united in one spirit, to do our own invocations, feeling them as our own. Feeling them as we are one in this great calling. The calling of one human being to another. From one human to his own weakness, so that he or she may listen. So that in any given moment, that inner weakness is moved and is able to proclaim this petition.

Let us convoke the last Tahui. 
Beginning in the direction of the West. Tahui, Tahui. 
And then to the direction of the South: Tahui, tahui! 
And then to the direction of the East: Tahui, tahui. 
And finally to the direction of the North; Tahui, Tahui!

So that we do not feel like foreigners in our own land. 
This is our tradition. 
This is what belongs to us. 
This is our weakness. 

Tahui! Tahui! Tahui! Tahui! – that represent: The sun, the earth, the wind and the fire.

May peace be always with you. Tonatiuh in Tlanextia. In Tlanexia Tonatiuh. 

May the sun always shine within you. 

Thank you.

© Francisco X. Alarcón

* * * 

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