Sunday, September 03, 2017

La Bloga Flor y Canto: Despedida y Celebración Con Musica, Poesía, and Fabulous Comida

Left to right: Steve Beisner, Melinda Palacio, Amelia Montes, Olga Garcia,
Michael Sedano, Barbara Sedano, Concepcion Valadez. (Photo by Michael Sedano)
Michael and Barbara Sedano hosted a lovely La Bloga gathering at their home Saturday, September 2nd in Pasadena, California.  La Bloga members present: Michael Sedano, Melinda Palacio, Olga Garcia, and Amelia Montes. Despite the record breaking heat (105 degrees) and brush fires in the Burbank and Glendale areas (see photo below), inside Casa Sedano, there was flor y canto, delicious food, drink, and much toasting! Michael's birthday, Michael and Barbara's anniversary, and Amelia's impending Fulbright departure to the University of Novi Sad in Serbia were all celebrated.  Dr. Concepcion Valadez (UCLA) was also present to recount her TWO Fulbright award experiences in Rio de Janeiro and Spain.  ¡Gracias, Doctora Valadez!

Los Angeles fires the day before.  (photo by Amelia Montes)

Despite the heat, the surrounding fires, our La Bloga reunion was delightful!  Thank you to Michael and Barbara for hosting such a lovely despedida. And congratulations on your 49th Anniversary y feliz cumple, Michael!  Despite the difficulties we are experiencing at this time in history, it's so important to also celebrate and gather en comunidad.  The following is a photo essay of our afternoon together.  

At Casa Sedano: Summer salads and fruit,  fresh from the garden (photo by Amelia Montes)
Amelia Montes, Olga Garcia, and Melinda Palacio (photo by Michael Sedano)

Medjool date and walnut chocolate balls, maiz from Michael's
daughter's garden y Los Azulejos Tequila in the background.

"La platica" Clockwise: Concepcion Valadez, Steve Beisner,
Melinda Palacio, Michael Sedano, Olga Garcia, and Barbara Sedano

Melinda Palacio y Los Azulejos Tequila 
Amelia Montes toasting to this coming year!

"Tequila Chamucos" y Michael Sedano

Michael Sedano photobombing the toast (Andale, Michael!)
Olga Garcia:  A hot day demands un avanico lindo

El Avanico y tattoo

Michael Sedano con "Los Azulejos" tequila bottle

Casa Sedano has beautiful art, one of which is this piece by Dolores Guerrero Cruz

More fine art:  Barbara Sedano's beautiful earring (photo by Amelia Montes)
Mas platica at the Casa Sedano living room

Melinda Palacio singing her despedida song to Amelia Montes (Gracias, Melinda!).  Photo by Michael Sedano

Melinda Palacio's beautiful vestido

Close-up of Melinda Palacio's dress

Melinda reading her poetry

Michael Sedano and Melinda Palacio singing "Besame Mucho"

Amelia Montes and Michael Sedano at the piano (photo by Steve Beisner)

Flor y Canto:  Las mujeres playing Guiros
Steve Beisner reading his poetry (photo by Michael Sedano)

Steve Beisner playing violin (photo by Michael Sedano)

¡Salud! ¡Brindamos por ti!

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Daniel Cano said...

Michael, thanks for the photos and sharing the day on La Bloga. Looks like a wonderful day. Saludos to all who attended.