Friday, September 08, 2017

La Bloga Labeled as Spam and Other FB Announcements

While it seems as if we can't catch a break with the superstorm that is 45, and the back to back blow of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, discussing something as benign as eyewear has kicked La Bloga off the face of feisbook. For months, I've had to go back and label previous personal blog posts as "not spam," only to be told by the FB bots, a day or so later that I was indeed correct and that my posts were not spam and had met the "community standards" that fakebook upholds. Imagine my numb ire when I read in today's New York Times that Facebook indirectly assisted Russian intervention of the US democratic process by created accounts for fake Americans who stirred the pots of divisiveness and hate and emboldened racists to show us their true colors.

For those of us with real accounts, who are accountable to our art, I present some events I wish I were able to attend. I'm glad to know that these opportunities are available. On rare occasions, when I surprise my friends with my presence, it is a joy to know that the arts can serve as a springboard for resistance.

Vamos a Jugar en las Ruinas (Let’s Go Play in the Ruins)
A Survey exhibition curated by Dr. Sally Mincher
September 8th - October 21st , 2017
Opening Reception Friday, Sept. 8th, 7:30 pm
Boathouse Gallery, Plaza de la Raza Cultural Center
3540 N. Mission Road
Los Angeles, CA 90031
There are three events:
+Opening Reception - Friday, September 8, 7:30pm-10pm
+Artist Talk - Thursday, Sept. 14, 7:30pm - with Eloy Torrez, Sally Mincher and Mat Gleason
+The Pope of Broadway Revisited Film Screening - Friday, October 6, 7:30pm - directed by Juliane Backmann. Q&A with Eloy Torrez, Juliane Backmann, Art Mortimer, and Isabel Rojas-Williams. (Special performance from Eloy and his band 
immediately following.
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting
“Two for One for You”

September 9, at 6pm, Tia Chucha's presents Juan Gonzales, who will read and sign his book, Reclaiming Gotham Bill de Blasio and the Movement to End America's Tale of Two Cities.

September 9 Avenue 50 Studio hosts Along the Border/ A lo Largo de la Frontera, from 7- 10 pm, free admission at Avenue 50 Studio, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Malaquias Montoya's politically oriented prints can be seen at Avenue 50 Studio from September 9th-October 7th . Malaquias grew up in the San Joaquin Valley raised by a single mother in a family of migrant farm workers (which includes brother, José Montoya). His work includes acrylic paintings, murals, washes, and drawings, but he is primarily known for his silkscreen prints, which have been exhibited internationally as well as nationally. He is credited by historians as one of the founders of the social serigraphy movement in the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-1960's. Montoya's unique visual expression is an art of protest, depicting the resistance and strength of humanity in the face of injustice and the necessity to unite behind that struggle.

As Seen on FB, information is worth reading. 

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