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Musings on Planet Earth, Part II: The Mayan Prophesy and Quantum Phenomena by Antonio SolisGomez

President of Mexico Venustiano Carranza with the Mayan Calendar
I am not trained as a scientist so I delve into the topics of Time and Quantum phenomena with the understanding of a layperson and write about the implications for ordinary people.

Physicists, studying quantum phenomena have discovered that it is not possible for them to be an objective, independent observer, that they influence what they are seeing at that subatomic level. They have therefore discovered what Indigenous people have always known, namely that everything is connected, that we are part and parcel of the creation and that humanity is connected to the Earth and with the Flora and Fauna in some inexplicably mysterious way.

Wigner with Werner Heisenberg and Maria Goeppert-Mayer
"It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to the consciousness." Eugene Wigner
The founding fathers of quantum theory “fell into stammering” when asked to discuss the implications of their own theories. There is not a veiled quantum reality that they were uncovering; they were beginning to realize that the very notion of an objectively existing independent reality no longer applied. The whole meaning of reality came into question. These pioneers in physics were beginning to realize that they had stumbled upon an epochal discovery that is unquestionably destined to change the course of history. Finding the quantum realm is like discovering the Holy Grail; its magic can change everything. (Paul Levy in 

A second aspect of quantum phenomena is that only the present moment exists, that there is no such thing as past or future.

In his book “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” Physicist Carlo Rovelli writes “If I observe the microscopic state of things then the difference between past and future vanishes … in the elementary grammar of things, there is no distinction between ‘cause’ and ‘effect’.” 

The notion that there is no past or future is not so far fetched for we all experience such a state in our dreams where we can mix and match events and people heedless of time, putting together dead relatives with present day individuals that never co-existed, that never knew one another. And sages throughout history have always advised people to live in the moment.

Other aspects of a quantum state that most people experience are intuition, premonitions, hunches, misgivings, gut feelings, synchronistic occurrences. The work of two Russian scientists, Dr. Pjotr Garajajev & Vladimir Poponin, studying 90% of DNA that scientists have heretofore deemed ‘junk’, have discovered that it does indeed play a vital role, acting as a sort of internal Internet.

It has also been proven that our DNA can even affect space through hyper communication. Wormholes connect one part of space with another and pass information between the two. Our DNA attracts this information which is then stored in our consciousness. Hyper communication has been used by nature throughout history although up until now it has been presumed that the closest skill we possess to hyper communication is intuition. This study proves that we also possess this skill and with further investigations into the power of language the possibilities of the human body and mind are endless. 

In discussing the Mayan it is useful to expand the notion that they were just a primitive people that practiced ritual human sacrifice, to include the fact that they had built quite an advanced civilization that bequeathed humanity a body of knowledge in architecture, art, astronomy and mathematics. Their calendar tells of the five ages of the world. The first age when only mineral existed, the second world when plants came into being, the third world when animals joined, the fourth world when homo sapiens entered. The fifth world that we entered in 2012, is in its infancy.

The Prophecy of the Fifth World is yet to manifest. But when the ancients ones looked ahead, this is what they can share that we can understand at this time. The Four Worlds, that we are moving from, were all on the same level of time, space and dimension. The Fifth world is a step above previous worlds and marks an enormous transformation that we have ever experienced in the first four worlds. The Fifth World will be a blending and harmonization of all four worlds, but taken to a different level. These four worlds together, in a cosmic equality, will bring about a new kind of life. Mineral, plant, animal and human will be looked at as being equally alive. There will be a type of intelligent communication between each world. The ancient ones know that it is hard for us to imagine this right now. ( Aluna Joy and the Ancient Ones from San Bartolo) 

Why everyone should be interested with the topic at hand is best answered by a quote from Paul Levy, previously cited.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama tells a story of asking his friend and one of his “scientific gurus,” physicist David Bohm, what is wrong with the belief in the independent existence of things apart from that it does not accurately represent the true nature of our situation? His Holiness relates how Bohm answered as follows: “His response was telling. He said that if we examine the various ideologies that tend to divide humanity, such as racism, extreme nationalism, and the Marxist class struggle, one of the key factors of their origin is the tendency to perceive things as inherently divided and disconnected. From this misconception springs the belief that each of these divisions is essentially independent and self-existent.” [21] Bohm is pointing out that having a misconception of a situation leads to a mistaken belief that what we are seeing independently, objectively exists on its own. Thinking that our viewpoint is non-negotiably true─be it our point of view about a particular issue or about the entire universe─is at the root of so much rigid ideology and human-created destruction. Becoming entranced by our own mind, we can become self-righteously convinced that we are in possession of the truth, which can easily inspire crusades to convert the unenlightened, as has been tragically evidenced throughout history again and again. It should get our highest attention that the same underlying psychological dynamic that causes us to misconstrue the nature of the apparent physical universe also causes us to divide and polarize among ourselves. We then turn human society into different camps with irreconcilable differences that appear to be objectively real, thus creating the preconditions for endless internecine conflict and war. 

In New Age parlance this Fifth World, called the Shift or the Ascension, is one where new energies are being encountered that will lift the consciousness of humanity to a level where war will be a historical note, where unity will replace separation into groups, where tolerance for all religions, ethnic groups and nationalities is commonplace, where empathy and compassion erase poverty, and where the political process is transparent and devoid of corruption and manipulation by a few people and where there is respect for Mother Earth, leading to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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