Thursday, April 18, 2019

Too Many Little Broken Hearts and Ruined Lives

Roman, at the beach and not thinking much about homework
     Today, I defer my Bloga space to my grandson, a sometimes rambunctious, sometimes rebellious, but always imaginative, likeable student, whose teachers say they don't worry too much whether he does his homework or not since he is just precocious enough to stay above grade level in most subjects.
     (This essay was taken from a pile of essays he had written, the teacher said, with little help from her. They were all written in class--and not for homework.)
     Is there something we can all learn from a 9 year-old student about education, life, and--time?

Roman Jimenez
9 years-old
Will Rogers Elementary School
                                                                   No Homework
      Forever teachers have been giving kids homework after school. Homework must be stopped because tons of kids dislike homework and don't want to do it. Kids want to have fun without homework disturbing them. Homework must be stopped. It's a beast that must be forgotten and never seen again!!!!! In my opinion, kids should not have homework.
     Tons of times kids get home after like 8 hours of doing math, reading, and P.E. They want to take a long nap! However, they can't because they have homework to do. Kids don't like that a lot. They just want to play and not do math and reading. It ruins lives, breaks hearts. ESPECIALLY MY HEART!!!!!!!!!! Many of us students need to do home chores, and cleaning and homework gets in the way.
     Kids need time to be kids by having time to play. For example, my older brother begged our mom and dad to go to the snow with our cousins but our mom and dad said no. They said, "First, you have to finish your homework," and because of that he missed his opportunity to go to the snow with our cousins.
     In conclusion, I strongly believe homework should be demolished because kids work hard for hours in school and they need time to relax and have time to be a kid at home.

Postscript: one of the biggest complaints from educators today, K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and even professional schools: students are not doing their homework.

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