Friday, July 26, 2019

Some Like It Hot: New Orleans

Melinda Palacio

Thanks to a cold front, New Orleans went from triple-digit weather last week to a double digit's Summer breeze. Many of my friends in Santa Barbara and New Orleans are surprised that I've chosen to spend July in New Orleans. After freezing in Santa Barbara's June gloom, I was eager to experience the summer warmth of New Orleans. I really should be more careful with what I wish for. I wasn't prepared for the inferno that is the South's summer humidity. Thanks to Hurricane Barry rolling through Louisiana, I've experienced both hell and high water in the same month. New Orleans was fortunate enough not to receive the catastrophic one-two punch many a CNN newscaster had predicted. See my last bloga for more details. This week I ventured out into the French Quarter and in  Audubon Park to show that all is not so bad. Today, with a high of 88 degrees and a faint but noticeable breeze, I took a walk in the park. The stroll was a respite from the ongoing disappointing news cycle. Here's to voting out our collective nightmare #impeach. Enjoy a stroll through two of my favorite neighborhoods in New Orleans.

Aboard the Creole Queen riverboat, a calliope plays a jaunty tune.

Angels watching over Royal Street or Calle Real. 

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Not quite nude cycling, but too hot for clothes.

Egret enjoys a worm.

Ducks seek shade.

Turkey Ducks too hot to move.

Summer meditation

Can you see it? A squirrel camouflages with the cypress knees. 

Angina dries her wings.

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