Friday, April 24, 2020

Chicharones In My Pantalones

This week, a call for contributions for the next book in the Tummy Tales series.  Go for it -- have some fun and seize the opportunity to tell one of your family's stories. Thanks to Dr. Fajardo for providing the announcement.



Call for Stories
Chicharones In My Pantalones  

This project is a collaborative effort between MSU Denver Journey Through Our Heritage (JTOH), teachers, students, community members of the displaced Aurarians and art organizations. It is a compilation of original personal family history food stories and will be published in a book titled Chicharones In My Pantalones.  

The theme of the book will be stories that focus on sacred family traditions, the food associated with the tradition and family history. Families share a common thread; they celebrate the important events in their lives with special foods and recipes.  

Illustrator Arlette Lucero, a North Denver Latina Artist, will illustrate all the stories and the cover.  The book, Holy Mole Guacamole and Other Tummy Tales, is the model from which the new book will be patterned. The formatting and illustrations will be similar. The reading level of the book will be for grades k- 6 and up.  It will be a chapter book with each story being a chapter. The opening story has already been written. This will be the fifth book of this type from the co-authors and co-editors, Dr. Renee Fajardo and Carl Ruby. The book will mirror the JTOH theme, Sacred Foods/Sacred Sites.

The objective is to bring together the oral and written history of Metropolitan State University’s (MSU) Journey Through Our Heritage family in one place, where the community can read and learn about the authors sharing their own family tales. By reading or telling these stories it will provide the spark to ignite youth to  write their own family stories. Author presentations are geared to encourage folks to create their own art, their own written family history, and to motivate their children to view storytelling and writing as rich art forms unique to their own heritage.

In this age of rapid communications technology, we must take the time to remember our cultural roots and our histories. Family stories of food and cultural traditions keep giving life to that history. It’s important to give the future generations the eagerness and ability to gather, tell, write, and create these tales. 
The book seeks to encourage the next generation of family storytellers. Given the diversity of MSU, we believe there are rich, wonderful, heartfelt, funny, family stories to be told and recorded.

If  you are interested in  submitting a family history story of about 2,000 words with a recipe  please contact Dr. Renee  Fajardo  ( or  call  303.615-1179  (cell 720.329.0869).  The actual book should be ready for printing by Dec 2020 with author book presentations starting in spring of 2021.

Send us your idea for your 2,000 word original story. We will edit the story or help you write one if you need help. We need at least ten stories. The selected authors will receive much acclaim and 8 complimentary books.   The deadline to let us know if you want to submit story ideas and bio is APRIL 28th, 2020. We do not need your story, just the idea and a brief description of the story you want to submit.

Dr. Renee Fajardo
MSU Denver  Journey Through Our Heritage Student Org. Team


Manuel Ramos writes crime fiction. He is working on a new Gus Corral novel.

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