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Vincent Ventura and the Diabolical Duendes / Vincent Ventura y los duendes diabólicos

By Xavier Garza

ISBN-13: 978-1-55885-909-8

Publication Date: October 31, 2020

Format: Trade paperback

Pages: 130

Imprint: Piñata Books

Ages: 8-12

Monster fighter Vincent Ventura returns to battle another creepy creature in this third installment in Xavier Garza’s bilingual series!

Another family has moved into the house at 666 Duende Street across from Vincent Ventura’s, and once again there’s something mysterious going on. There’s a boy who constantly argues with himself. “You can’t tell me what to do,” Vincent hears him say, but there’s no one around. Who could he be talking to? When Vincent sees a green creature with glowing red eyes and needle-sharp teeth terrorize the boy into vandalizing a neighbor’s car, he knows there is another monster mystery to solve!

His cousin, Michelle, is one of the smartest kids around, and she quickly finds information in a library book on Latin American monsters. She’s sure the creature Vincent saw is a duende, which is similar to an evil troll or gnome. Is Sayer Cantú really a target of these wicked beasts?! Everyone at school knows he’s a troublemaker to avoid. Could duendes be forcing him to misbehave?

Once again Vincent Ventura recruits his cousins and gathers his monster-fighting tools—crosses, holy water, packs of salt, silver metal beads and slingshots—for the upcoming showdown. This bilingual book for intermediate readers, the third installment in Xavier Garza’s exciting Monster Fighter Mystery series, also contains the author’s black and white sketches of the creepy creatures. This spine-tingling short novel introducing Latino creepy creatures to kids ages 8-12 is sure to thrill a new generation of readers!

“Monster fighter extraordinaire Vincent Ventura battles his latest foe: the dreadful duende! Book 3 in Garza’s Monster Fighter Mystery series adds a little psychological horror to Vincent’s newest adventure, and this installment [is] a cohesive story centered on friendship and, more importantly, kicking monster butt. A case of lighthearted fun during the witching hour.”—Kirkus Reviews

Vincent Ventura's Series

Vincent Ventura and the Mystery of the Witch Owl 

Vincent Ventura y el misterio de la bruja lechuza

Once again, a monster has taken up residence in Vincent Ventura's neighborhood, and this time it's a witch owl! Vincent Ventura, monster fighter extraordinaire, is back in this second volume of the Monster Fighter Mystery series.

Contains the author/illustrator’s black and white sketches of witch owls.

Vincent Ventura and the Mystery of the Chupacabras 

Vincent Ventura y el misterio del chupacabras

Vincent Ventura, monster fighter extraordinaire, investigates the disappearance of neighborhood dogs, and the grisly trail leads to a mythical creature known as the chupacabras! Award-winning author returns with thrilling new bilingual series for intermediate readers!

XAVIER GARZA is the author of numerous books for kids, including Vincent Ventura and the Mystery of the Chupacabras / Vincent Ventura y el misterio del chupacabras (Piñata Books, 2018), The Donkey Lady Fights La Llorona and Other Stories / La señora Asno se enfrenta a la Llorona y otros cuentos (Piñata Books, 2015) and Maximilian and the Lucha Libre Club (Cinco Puntos Press, 2016). He lives with his family in San Antonio, Texas.

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