Friday, March 19, 2021

Two Events Next Week And YourChance to Shout Stellaaaaa

 Melinda Palacio 

Last year, Jose Torres Tama gathered rasa to read as part of Teatro Sin Fronteras, a show I’ve had the pleasure of performing in New Orleans. It’s a lollapalooza of music, song, dance, poetry, and performance art. Margie Perez is one of my favorite performers in New Orleans and I’m honored to share the stage with her and everyone in this group. A big shout out to Jose for making sure our voices get heard. 

This event is free on zoom on Thursday March 25 at 6 pm New Orleans time and 4 pm California time. The five-day literary festival begins today. With a writer’s retreat weekend. This year’s festival is completely virtual with over 70 speakers and performers I’ve seen the dress rehearsal and I can tell you that members of Teatro Sin Fronteras hit it out of the ballpark. You won’t want to miss Thursday’s event, the powerful words, the lively music that will put you in a happy mood, word and dance performances. The show is different every year and this is one of the best. I will be reading new work that I am very proud of, however unsettling the subject might be. For a full lineup of the Tennessee Williams Festival, click here. You can send in your Stella shout entries until March 21. 

Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme: Frida Remix March 19-March 28. Location, online, sign up to receive 7 free ten-minute plays. Show support for the wonderful work at Casa 0101. Frida Remix by CCC. Don’t miss the the short plays festival talk back. I’ll be moderating the panel on Saturday March 27 at 7pm PST.Thanks to the time of COVID-19 and zoom, I have back to back events in both New Orleans and Los Angeles.

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