Friday, June 17, 2022

Living the Dream

So, lately the writing part of my life has been in action mode. I’ll give a quick rundown for those interested in such stuff.

The launch of Denver Noir successfully continues after the initial event at the Tattered Cover back on May 3. Since then, various combinations of the fourteen contributors to the collection have read from their stories and answered questions from the audience at different venues. All the events have been well-attended, and I assume that the publisher, Akashic Books, is pleased with the sales from the events and the overall positive reviews that have been posted on social media and more traditional outlets.

My story, Northside Nocturne, was praised by Publishers Weekly: “Another high point is Manuel Ramos's powerful Northside Nocturne, which explores gentrification and racial hostility as rising violence, vigilantism, fear, and suspicion tear through a previously tight-knit community." And the Denver Post said the story was "among the best" with a "strong sense of place ... filled with racial tension and inevitable gloom."

I read from this story at the BookBar on May 25, and my next scheduled appearance is June 24 at the Douglas County Library in Highlands Ranch. I’ll be on a panel with Cynthia Swanson (editor), Barbara Nickless, and D.L. Cordero. The event begins at 6:30 P.M., and Denver Noir will be on sale, courtesy of the BookBar. This will be my last Denver Noir event, so I’ll see you there if you haven’t yet obtained your copy of the book. You are planning to add Denver Noir to your library, right? Details for this event can be found here.

Meanwhile, I received some very good news about my latest novel, Angels in the Wind, published by Arte Público Press in 2021. The Private Eye Writers of America selected Angels in the Wind as a finalist for a Shamus Award in the category of Best Original P.I. Paperback Novel. Winners will be announced in August. I’m very happy that Angels is getting some positive attention – it’s one of my faves.

Finally, I’ve started something new. I’ve got a general idea, a title, and about 400 words. Strange as it may sound, I don’t know yet if this new project is a story, novel, or something else (a play?) What I do know is that it’s time to morph into writing mode. Tie down the computer, keep the notebooks handy and dry, avoid distractions, impose self-discipline. Clear the decks, here we go again.



Manuel Ramos lives in Denver. His latest novel, Angels in the Wind: A Mile High Noir, is a finalist for the 2022 Shamus Award in the category of Best Original Paperback P.I. Novel.

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