Friday, May 31, 2024

And Justice For All

Note:  I posted this in La Bloga's queue and, a few minutes later, the announcement was made that Donald Trump had been convicted on all 34 counts.  The question remains:  now what?

I'm writing this before the jury in the Donald Trump pay-off-the-porn-star criminal case reached a verdict. Whatever the verdict, there is plenty of speculation about what happens next.

What if Trump is found guilty? Will he be incarcerated? Placed on probation? Work release? The mind boggles. Imagine this surreal graphic: A former president of the United States wears an orange vest so he can pick up litter along the freeway. Workin' on the chain gang. Orange does appear to be Trump's favorite color.

According to the Washington Post, legal analysts are divided over whether Trump would get jail time if he is convicted. Under New York law, a nonviolent Class E felony carries potential sentences of probation or 1 1/3 to 4 years in state prison.

Some analysts said Trump’s age, 77, and the lack of a prior conviction would probably preclude a jail sentence.

What if Trump is found not guilty? Will that finally stop Trump's rants about a witch hunt? Will he be humble and grateful, like Mother Teresa, or will he continue to slander the judicial system of the country he claims will one day be "great" again? I know what I would bet, if I were a gambling man. On the other hand, he has several trials on his schedule. Trump may become an expert on court proceedings. Maybe he'll write a book. Wouldn't that be special?


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