Saturday, September 19, 2009

A week as a U.S. teacher

(10-word ultra-flash fiction)


Teaching bubbly children to read, watching bureaucracies crush their avidness.

Three hours on my ass; consultants lecture, leech away life.


Kids create their own behavior guide; their fairness merits immortality!

One-hour writing, one of math: conformity stinking, formulaic repression.


NO child left behind(!) where exclusion would let her blossom.

Creating scary stories after school with seven giggling Bram Stokers.


Our contract again renegotiated, our professional self-esteem slavishly recheapened.

Assessment day: standardized scoring and tracking of beautifully unique children.


Berated for arriving late, humiliated, like teachers deliberately invented entropy.

FAC arrives, flooding our empty arteries with inebriating, deceptive palliatives!


Twelve hours, six days, teachers' sangre, lágrimas stained many blackboards.

Grade homework, prepare lessons, parent letters, Monday-lecture vaccine, etc.



msedano said...

Those etc. will get you every time, if not cetera'd, you get et.

Rene Colato Lainez said...

Hi Rudy,

I work in a year around school. Next week is our parent conference.
Teaching is great! But the rest: testing/no child left behind/etc is terrible. I know your feelings.

Unknown said...

I'm hearing some definite frustrations here!! Anything I can do? You have so much to offer these children--hang in there past the negatives!!

Sorry I missed Friday night--how did it go? I need to stop by for a signature in your book sometime or meet you for that FAC!!

Anonymous said...

Like René said, teaching is great!
It's the rest. . .

Michael Collins said...

This is the best comment I've seen on our current education efforts. I don't have to wait for the next big report from the latest chosen foundation. Education should be a joy at times and something to anticipate in general. School is where a lot of it happens. Teaching is an art, like this poem. Thanks for posting Sensei Sedano.