Thursday, September 24, 2009

Martín Espada in Spanish

Spain's El Gaviero Ediciones recently published Soldados en el jardín, a thematic anthology of Martín Espada's poetry in Spanish translation. The text includes poems from 1989-2009 organized not chronologically, but thematically into seven areas, showcasing the major themes in Espada's oeuvre over the past two decades.

The translations were done in teams, some reworking earlier translations of his poetry into Spanish. Sometimes the result is a text so polished that, while accurate in content and form, aesthetically it seems to lack airiness and colloquiality. Other times, the translations are glorious, suggesting possibilities of interpretation not as evident in the original.


Martín Espada Fall Readings:

September 24: Reading & Discussion, 4:30 PM
The Big Read (Mexican Short Stories)
Phillips Autograph Library
West Chester University
West Chester, PA
Contact: Mame Purce,

September 24: Reading, 7:30 PM
Main Hall Auditorium
West Chester University
West Chester, PA
Contact: Michael Peich,

October 15: Seminar, 3:00 PM
Intellectual Life at Moments of Crisis
Humanities Institute
University of Texas
Austin, TX
Contact: Pauline Strong,

October 15: Reading, 7:30 PM
Quadrangle Room
Texas Union
University of Texas
Austin, TX
Contact: César Salgado,

October 16: Reading, 12:00 PM
Hispanic Heritage Luncheon
Hispanic Bar Association of Austin
Austin, TX
Contact: Paul Ruiz,

October 23: Reading, 7:30 PM
Benaroya Recital Hall
Seattle Arts & Lectures
Seattle, WA
Contact: Rebecca Hoogs,

October 24: Workshop, 1 PM
Richard Hugo House
Seattle, WA
Contact: Alix Wilber,

October 27: Reading, 5:30 PM
Bunker Hill Community College
Charlestown, MA
Contact: Luke Salisbury,

INCREIBLE! Ban on Public High School Books in Puerto Rico

The Department of Education in Puerto Rico has banned a series of books from the 11th grade public high school curriculum on the basis of "coarse and vulgar" language. These texts include El entierro de Cortijo» by Edgardo Rodríguez Juliá; «Aura», by Carlos Fuentes; the anthology «Reunión de Espejos»; «Mejor te lo cuento» by Juan Antonio Ramos; and “Antología personal” by José Luis González. Mairym Cruz Bernal, president of the PEN Club of Puerto Rico, has issued a statement, signed by numerous Puerto Rican writers and educators, denouncing the initiative as puritan and old-fashioned and demanding an explanation from the governor, Luis Fortuño. Check out the letter here.

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