Friday, January 01, 2010

Auld Lang Syne

Welcome 2010! In the spirit of the times, how about some music to reflect on the immediate past and envision the rapidly-approaching future? Don't be a-scared! A wise man once said that we accept change when our fear of the future is finally less than our fear of the past. Go with it, you don't have a choice anyway.

Seven songs for the season.

First up, and no reflection on what you might have done last night, is Freddy Fender's classic, Wasted Days and Wasted Nights. This version is the original 1960 recording issued on a 45 RPM. Although I've looked, I've never been able to find this in vinyl or CD. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking for this original -- not the 1975 hit, or one of the many versions that the late, great Fender recorded with the Texas Tornados and others.

Next, because it's too easy to forget about the split personality of time, eternal and yet never enough, take a listen to Los Lobos doing one of my favorite songs.

End of the year might mean a few regrets or even a broken heart. Pedro Infante promises to lament unrequited love for a hundred years -- muy romántico.

Even I have to occasionally ponder those things we can't really understand. A new year is a time to take stock, say a prayer, hope for better. Los Lonely Boys do it this way --

Times are tough, no doubt. Think too hard about it, and it could get downright depressing. We got two wars that our leaders call peace and we're working our way into a third. We set a record (again) for foreclosures in 2009; unemployment is double-digit and the country has lost more than 16 million jobs. We wonder about all that money the government gave the fat cats and we shake our heads; and yet we won't give up hope. In the end, we have each other, and that's more than enough. Here's a song and video that should pick up your spirits, by Sones de México Ensemble.

The next is my New Year's toast, done much better than I could ever manage, by the incomparable Joan Baez.

To top it all off, the Corrido de Auld Lang Syne by none other than Little Bobby Rey and His Band (of Rockin' J Bells fame.) No video, just the music. Click here. Happy New Year!


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msedano said...

hey, you kicked the photobucket. the bottom two images have been removed or deleted. i love it, a new year day one and two mysteries! happy new year and feliz año nuevo.