Saturday, February 19, 2011

Announcements: Latino poetry & Latina poetry

New poetry anthology

An upcoming anthology of Latino poety includes Bloguera Lisa Alvarado and others, making this a fine collection. A review or reviews soon to come on La Bloga.

Me No Habla With Acento:
Contemporary Latino Poetry

Edited by Emanuel Xavier

From the publisher:

This anthology of contemporary Latino poetry celebrates the rich mosaic of a major arts movement within the United States featuring poets and spoken word artists from across the country. Pages are filled with English, Spanglish, and even Spanish, but the unifying theme throughout this uncompromising book is the great oral tradition and diversity of a community that has significantly contributed to American culture beyond bookstores and cafes.

The inspiring and powerful voices captured in this collection include: Edwin Torres, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Maria Rodriguez-Morales, Erik "Advocate of Wordz" Maldonado, Bonafide Rojas, Luzma Umpierre, Paul S. Flores, Roberto "Simply Rob" Vassilarakis, Caridad de la Luz "La Bruja", Nancy Mercado, Urayoan Noel, Chris "Chilo" Cajigas, Latasha N. Nevada Diggs, Roberto F. Santiago, Frank Perez, Sheila Maldonado, John "Chance" Acevedo, Machete Movement, Lisa Alvarado, A. B. Lugo, Jason "Majestik Originality" Hernandez, Myrna Nieves, Tito Luna, and Carlos Andres Gomez. Also includes B&W artwork by Juan Betancurth and a foreword by Gonzalo Casals, Director of Education and Public Programs for El Museo del Barrio. Published in association with El Museo del Barrio.

For interview requests or promotional photography of the editor or any of the featured contributors, please email emanuelATemanuelxavierDOTcom.

For more info, click here.
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Letras Latinas Blog

Check out the Weblog of the literary program of the Institute for Latino Studies, at the University of Notre Dame. Today there's a posted article called "Victor Martinez, Chicano Poet/Author Passed Today," written by amigo Francisco X. Alarcón.

And here's what they say about the website:

Letras Latinas, the literary program of the Institute for Latino Studies, seeks to enhance the visibility, appreciation and study of Latino literature both on and off the campus of the University of Notre Dame. We are particularly interested in projects that identify and support emerging Latino/a writers. Letras Latinas actively seeks collaboration with individuals and organizations in order to more effectively carry out its mission. Letras Latinas is under the direction of Francisco Aragón.

To go to the website, click here.

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Joseph Gallo said...

Thanks for your excellent work at La Bloga. I'd forgotten how enriching it so is.

Merged and emerging poets are always of interest to me. :-)