Thursday, December 08, 2011

Chicanonautica: Pre Guadalupe Day Update

by Ernest Hogan

After this weekend, it’ll be December 12, Día de La Virgen de Guadalupe. It’s a new holiday for this high-traffic festival season, but it’s developed in the last couple of decades. Besides, the Lady and her mysteries are deserving of our attentions.

Last year I investigated possible UFO/paranormal connections. I also mentioned the classic Mexican film La Virgen Morena. It was frustrating not to be able to find a video clip to present -- well, the cosmic forces have put a manifestation on YouTube:

Note that the cactus-choked desert set -- for some reason they didn’t use a real Mexican location -- looks rather Martian. The music is theremin-esque. The encounter is strange, otherworldly, like a UFO experience, though La Virgen appears out of plants like a pagan nature spirit. The whole movie is worth seeing, like a cinematic Diego Rivera mural.

I also found a clip from an older, silent Guadalupe film, Tepeyac:

Made by “un grupo de bohemios” it has a more naturalistic, almost anthropogical feel. Once the Virgin shows up, with antenna-like “rays” as part of her costume, she seems to have dropped in from another world.

Both of the above clips are on OrgulosoGuadalupano’s YouTube channel. I’ve subscribed to it. Who knows what else they’ll post.

And there are other Guadalupe movies:

This more recent production by an “Emmy winning filmmaker” has stories of “miracles” that happened as it was shot.

Seems that whenever this Lady appears, out-of-this-world things happen. This certainly deserves a holiday.

Ernest Hogan recommends giving the science fiction anthology Alien Contact for Christmas, and any other holiday you may be celebrating.

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