Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Bilingual Books from Arte Publico Press/ Piñata Books

Alicia's Fruity Drinks / Las aguas frescas de Alicia
By Lupe Ruiz-Flores
Illustrated by Laura Lacámara   
Translated by Gabriela Ventura

  • ISBN 9781558857056             
  • Published 31 May 2012    
  • Bind Hardcover    
  • Pages 32        
  • Age Group 5-8

A girl teaches her teammates about a delicious Mexican drink

Seven-year-old Alicia and her parents are enjoying the annual festival celebrating Mexico’s independence. There are mariachis strolling across the festival grounds, folkloric dancers twirling in their colorful costumes and brightly colored booths lining the plaza.

But the hot day has made Alicia thirsty. Her mother suggests aguas frescas and points to a booth lined with jars of brightly colored fruit juice: there’s watermelon, strawberry, mango and even papaya. The watermelon juice is so delicious that Alicia drinks it all. “Mami, this tastes better than that red soda I drink after soccer practice. Can we make some of these at home?” Soon, Alicia is perfecting her own recipe and sharing it with her teammates after soccer practices and games.

In this bilingual picture book for children ages 5-8, a young girl discovers a treat from her mother’s Mexican-American childhood and becomes her friends’ favorite player with her healthy, frothy fruit drinks.

Sofía and the Purple Dress / Sofía y el vestido morado
   By Diane Gonzales Bertrand 
Illustrated by Lisa Fields
Translated by Gabriela Ventura 
  • SBN 9781558857018    
  • Published 31 May 2012   
  • Bind Hardcover     
  • Pages 32    
  • Age Group 6-9

This bilingual picture book for children portrays
one family's goal to adopt healthy habits

Sofía loves her older cousin, Rosario, and she’s always excited to receive her hand-me-down clothes. This time, the box of clothes comes with a pink envelope: an invitation to Rosario’s quinceañera. And as she digs through the box of clothes, a beautiful purple dress catches her eye. It will be perfect for the quince! But when Sofía tries on the dress, her younger sister Mari giggles and tells her she looks like a purple sausage.

Sofía and her mom make a pact to change their habits; they agree to help each other eat healthier and get more exercise. The next morning, the girls are surprised when their mother says they’re going to walk to school instead of driving. And after walking home in the hot afternoon sun, they drink water instead of soft drinks. At the grocery store, they fill their cart with healthy snacks like bananas, oranges, papayas and guavas.

At the quinceañera, Sofía has never seen Rosario look more beautiful . . . and Sofía looks fabulous in her cousin’s purple dress! In this bilingual picture book for children ages 6 – 9, kids will cheer as Sofía and her family meet their goals after adopting healthy eating and exercise habits.
A Day without Sugar / Un día sin azúcar
By Diane Anda  
 Illustrated by Janet Montecalvo
Translated by Gabriela Ventura   

  • ISBN 9781558857025    
  • Published 31 May 2012    
  • Bind Hardcover    
  • Pages 32    
  • Age Group 7-10

Cousins enjoy spending time with family
and learning how to eat healther food

Tía Sofía’s nieces and nephews love to spend the weekend at her house. She lets them camp out on mattresses and in sleeping bags in the living room, where they play games and watch TV in their pajamas. But best of all, they love eating at their aunt’s house, because she’s the best cook in the family.

So the kids are sad to hear that this weekend is going to be sugar free. It turns out that cousin Tito is at risk of developing diabetes like his abuela and Tío Pedro.  Tía Sofía tells them that on Saturday “we’re going on a sugar hunt.” The kids are confused, but she explains that they are going to find all of the sugar—especially hidden sugar—in their food.

The next morning, their oatmeal doesn’t have any added sugar, but each bowl has plump raisins and a naturally sweet surprise:  strawberries, banana, peaches, peanut butter or cinnamon and vanilla. One taste and they scoop their bowls clean.  At lunch, the sugar hunt continues. The kids learn that much of the food they eat without thinking contains sugar, like the catsup, mayonnaise and relish they usually put on their burgers.  So, instead, they paint their hamburger buns yellow with mustard, pile on slices of fresh tomatoes from their aunt’s garden, and bite into crunchy dill pickles.

When their parents pick them up at the end of the day, they’re all thrilled to see Tía Sofía holding a plate with a delicious surprise to take home: apple empanadas … cooked without sugar, of course!  In this bilingual picture book for children ages 7 – 10, cousins share time with family and learn fun and delicious ways to eat less sugar.

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