Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What does he do with the 90 percent?

Albuquerque Journal,  Letters,  March 3, 2012, page A7.
Southwest Studies Better Than Honors
    UNIVERSITY of New Mexico Provost Chaouki Abdallah wants to establish an Honors College. I propose UNM establish a Southwest Studies College.

    The honors program at UNM has greatly benefited the university, but the university will never be recognized in the region as an "honors center."  We could become a center for Southwest studies from California to Texas, from Wyoming to northern Mexico.

    Abdallah goes on to say the honors college would attract the top 10 percent of high school graduates. What does he do with the 90 percent?

    We need to educate all UNM students in the humanities of the Southwest. An education in all facets of Southwest studies would enrich our students and UNM's graduation rate.

    Students who know their history and their role in the region can play important roles in the world. Students grounded in the humanities can pursue any professional career they desire.

    Come on, UNM, let's be a center for this big region we love. Yes, recruit bright students, but don't forget the 90 percent.


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