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Mailbag. Marching Toward the Cruellest Month: March's Final On-line Floricanto

Michael Sedano

I spent much of the past weeks getting prepared for cascarón Sunday. Cooking lots of eggs. Carefully emptying each blanquillo and storing the fragile shells.

A sure sign of Spring is engaging a marathon of dyeing and drying eggshells with a joyous kindergartener. This week, stuff a pinch of confetti inside then seal with a tissue rectangle and a flour and salt paste.

In the meantime, the email bag brings interesting news.

Desperado A Mile High Noir Gets Denver Reading

La Bloga Friday columnist Manuel Ramos has launched the promotion campaign for his newest mystery novel, Desperado A Mile High Noir.

Manuel's scheduled a reading on April 11 at Denver's Tattered Cover Book Store. Click here for details via Facebook.

Facebook subscribers in, or traveling to, Denver, will click their RSVP. An accurate headcount allows Ramos to order sufficient caviar and champagne.

Sor Juana Novelist on Public Radio

Arte Público Press emails to share news that Alicia Gaspar de Alba, whose Calligraphy of the Witch is headed to film (Desert Blood and Sor Juana's Second Dream would be fabulous movies, too), was interviewed for Houston Public Radio.

Alburquerque Closes Distance on Reyna Grande

La Bloga friend extraordinaire Greta Pullen emails to advise New Mexico area La Bloga readers  of a special event with Reyna Granda, at one of the nation's best-kept cultural treasures, the National Hispanic Cultural Center:

Poets Reading Aloud
Diana García Reads at Latinopia

Latinopia is one of those internet venues that requires regular visits because the site updates every Sunday, with ever-more valuable and interesting video Chicanarte.

This week, Latinopia features poet Diana Carcía, reading at 2010's Festival de Flor y Canto. Yesterday • Today • Tomorrow, held at USC. Click here to share García's performance.

Final On-line Floricanto in March 2013
Tara Evonne Trudell, Viola Weinberg Spenser, Francisco X. Alarcón, Ana Chig, Hedy Garcia Treviño

"I Live" by Tara Evonne Trudell
"Spring Equinox" by Viola Weinberg Spenser
"Crazy / Loco" by Francisco X. Alarcón
"Del puente al arco" por Ana Chig
"You Are Me / Eres Mí" by Hedy Garcia Trevino

I Live
by Tara Evonne Trudell

I live

for this

in darkness
of fire
inside me

I live

for this

daily spirit
with the
tearing down
of woman
sister spirit

of ten year olds
bound and raped
sixteen year olds
drugged and raped
this society
to the realities
a woman

I live

for this

to pray
in ceremony
the healing
young girls
young girls
any more
the strength
for an earth
not whole
any more
our daughters
the raping
of motherland
shaking their head
a little
but still
not awake
not aware
of the real
to take
a fierce
a willingness
to fight
and die
a stronger
to live
for this

by Viola Weinberg Spencer

It is the first day
at the first light
Shall we begin again
on these blankets of
green grass and apple
trees sudden with buds?

If you work too hard, too late
You will miss the majesty of
unstoppable spring
You will drive through the rain
and won't have the time
to stand here, wet and happy

I found the dirt path again
overgrown with mustard
seething with wild garlic
and green spring onions--
The pokes of lilies come up
The seeds of last year reborn

It is the beginning again
It is a time for sloppy tongues
and the sticky, pink embrace
Come with me – I shall
ruin your schedule and
make you whole anew

©2013 Viola Weinberg

by Francisco X. Alarcón

I leave
all my doors

look to me
so familiar

I would embrace
and kiss them all
on the spot

every day
on the street
I run into God

of crying
now I laugh

o this World
I want to turn
upside down

nothing sways me –
I must be crazy

by Francisco X. Alarcón

mis puertas
las dejo todas
sin cerrar

los extraños
me parece
tan familiares

a todos
los abrazaría
y besaría sin más

cada día
en la calle
me hallo a Dios

en vez
de llorar
ahora me río

oh al Mundo
quiero poner
al revés

hoy nada
me convence –
debo de estar loco

© Francisco X. Alarcón

por Ana Chig

Nubes imponen el silencio en los hostales
Lejanas sombras se congregan al calor de neumática
Una manta de liquen y el sopor del invierno ovilla
mi cuerpo -junto a ellos-

Todo es posible en el asidero fantasioso de la urbe
Hombres y quimeras residen en los rincones,
bajo el puente
Afiladas puntas penetran sus venas, un río negro
les circula nutrida la esperanza

En acodo, deletreo lejanos muros que contienen más
sangre que razones
Un cúmulo arriscado sobresale tras los techos
junto al arco
El campaneo parroquial –y su ausencia- induce obligada,
la partida.

Eres Mí
Dedicated to Vanessa A. Treviño
by Hedy Treviño

Eres la flor de mi alma
Eres la luz del sol
Eres mí eres mí
Eres la luna de enero
Eres el grito del gavilán
Eres mí eres mí
Eres el canto de Ángeles
Eres mi sangre y mi cuerpo
Eres mí eres mí
Eres la flor de la sierra
Eres mi hija preciosa
Eres mí eres mí

You Are Me

You are the flower of my soul
You are the light of the Sun
You are me you are me
You are the Moon of January
You are the cry of the Hawk
You are me you are me
You are the song of the angels
You are my flesh and my blood
You are me you are me
You are the wild flower of the mountain
You are my beautiful daughter
You are me you are me

"I Live" by Tara Evonne Trudell
"Spring Equinox" by Viola Weinberg Spenser
"Crazy / Loco" by Francisco X. Alarcón
"Del puente al arco" por Ana Chig
"You Are Me / Eres Mí" by Hedy Garcia Treviño

Francisco X. Alarcón (was born in Los Angeles, in 1954) is the author of twelve volumes of poetry, including, From the Other Side of Night: Selected and New Poems (University of Arizona Press 2002). His latest book is Ce•Uno•One: Poemas para el Nuevo Sol/Poems for the New Sun (Swan Scythe Press 2010). His most recent book of bilingual poetry for children is Animal Poems of the Iguazú (Children’s Book Press 2008). He teaches at the University of California, Davis. He created a new Facebook page, POETS RESPONDING TO SB 1070: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Poets-Responding-to-SB-1070/117494558268757?ref=ts

Ana Chig. Poeta y editora (Los Mochis, Sinaloa 1974) Actualmente reside en la ciudad fronteriza de Tijuana, B. C.
Hedy M. Garcia Treviño. Has written poetry since the age of eight. Her first poem came as a result of being punished for speaking Spanish in school. Her poetry has been published in numerous journal's and other publications. She has performed her poetry at numerous cultural events. She continues to write poetry, and inspires others to use the written word as a form of self discovery and personal healing. Hedy is also one of the moderators for Poets Responding to SB 1070.

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