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Latinos in fantasy y sci-fi news

New opportunities for and success of latinos in the world of spec lit (fantasy, sci-fi, magic realism and horror) seem to be popping up like ICE agents at a tamalada. Thursday, bloguista Ernest Hogan wrote: "The sci-fi corporate product was produced mostly in the English-speaking quarter, considered to be the intellectual property of Western Civilization and light-skinned peoples."

Below are three news pieces, two about publishing houses open to submissions, and one about a Chicano artist. As far as what's below, I may have different views on sexism, support for Israel and our bashing of Cuba, but I'm providing info that may help latino literary people get their work out. And maybe what Hogan described is more possible today: "It’s time [latinos] claim the future, the galaxy, and beyond."

New publisher open to latino writing

From their website: "Restless Books is a digital publisher for readers and writers in search of new destinations, experiences, and perspectives. From Asia to the Americas, we deliver stories of discovery, adventure, dislocation, and transformation. Our books—fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels, travel writing, criticism, and visual arts—reflect the restlessness of our multiform lives.

"Ilan Stavans, as publisher, and others have launched a new publishing house, Restless Books. Stavans is Latin American and Latino Culture professor at Amherst College, author of Bandido: The Death and Resurrection of Oscar "Zeta" Acosta and Uncollected Works: Oscar Acosta, and editor of The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature, among other works.

From Stavans: "Our objective is to create a community of readers passionate about other cultures and other languages; who share an interest in how people tell stories. We are committed to bringing the best of international literature—fiction, journalism, memoirs, poetry, travel writing, photography, and graphic novels.

Jimmy Santiago Baca

"Our debut will includes a bracing new work by award-winning poet Jimmy Santiago Baca, who discovered his poetic voice while serving six years in prison. Baca has written a gorgeous short text in which he meditates on his own face, what people see in it, and how it often misrepresents him. The Face is published together with two extraordinary collections of poetry, The Lucia Poems and The Esai Poems. Jimmy has been called 'one of America’s foremost poets.'

"The Art of Protest is about the controversial Oakland print-making workshop Tupac Taller Amaru, whose posters on immigration and other timely topics have galvanized protesters around the country. With a powerful introduction by award-winning journalist Rubén Martínez, The Art of Protest gives a face to activism rarely acknowledged by the media.

"The next year will bring all sorts of treasures and discoveries: science fiction from Cuba and Poland, classic travelogues from extraordinary women, border stories from Mexico, and many more."

about Taller Tupac Amaru - The Art of Protest
"The world-renowned Taller Tupac Amaru creates vivid, iconic images that agitate for a better, more just world. Gathered for the first time in book form, the work of the Oakland poster-art collective takes a righteous stand on issues such as immigration, police brutality, indigenous rights, and the corrupting forces of globalization. With an introduction by Rubén Martínez."

about A Planet for Rent
"A Planet for Rent marks the debut in English of an astonishingly brave and imaginative Latin American voice. The most successful and controversial Cuban science fiction writer of all time, Yoss (aka José Miguel Sánchez Gómez) is known for his acerbic portraits of the island under Communism. In his bestselling A Planet for Rent, Yoss pays homage to Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles and 334 by Thomas M. Disch.  A Planet for Rent is both a send-up and a sharp critique of Cuba after the fall of the Soviet Union. The first title in a series of essential Cuban Science Fiction, in Spanish and English translation by David Frye."

You can check out an Interview with Jimmy Santiago Baca here. Among other joyas is this:
RB: Is digital literature different from print literature?
Baca: Yep, the first lacks intimacy, sex with a rubber; the second is a love affair, a mad, ribald encounter with a lusty provocateur who makes your soul bellow and groan with ecstasy, even as it hurts.
[His books are being published by a, for now, digital-only publisher.

Chicano artist's 2014 Lotería calendar

Chicano spec artist John Picacio
For our gente to succeed, latino writers and other artists need support, especially from latinos buying their works. Es simple. Below is a great opportunity to also get that perfect gift for your favorite raza. It comes from the Hottest spec artist in the U.S., a San Anto Chicano. 
One of the most prolific American cover illustrators for science fiction, fantasy and horror books over the last dozen years, he's created a wide spectrum of major interior, editorial, and product illustration work.  The Hugo Award-winning artist John Picacio--Best Professional Artist, 2012 & 2013!--has a Kickstarter campaign going for "all-new iconic Loteria artworks."

From Picacio: "This full-color, 12” x 12”, 2014 wall calendar features all-new artwork inspired by Lotería, the classic Mexican game of chance. My mother and grandmother played Lotería with me when I was a kid. I'm creating new art that re-imagines these icons in my way and features the first of those works. I want the final result to be the best I can possibly give you. The calendar’s cover will be printed on 12 pt. premium paper stock, with a satin aqueous-coated finish, and the interior pages will be printed on 100# text.

El pescado and la rosa artwork from the calendar

"I not only created the artwork, but also personally designed and oversaw every detail. This is that kind of calendar. It’s available exclusively via this Kickstarter campaign, an offering from me to you, with all best wishes to you and yours for 2014."
Kickstarter stats: 194 backers; $12,274 pledged toward the $15,000 goal, 82% funded, 19 days to go.

New spec imprint from Simon & Schuster

I've had a bit of success getting my stories publishing by submitting to non-latino new publishers during their first calls for submissions. My thinking was that they had not developed an entrenched attitude against "ethnic" fiction and writers. This might be a great time to submit to one of the biggest corporate publishers, Simon & Shuster. Below is info from their website. Y buena suerte!

S&S logo
"Simon & Schuster is preparing to up its presence in the science fiction, fantasy and horror market with the launch of a new imprint dedicated to the category. The as yet unnamed imprint will publish books for readers of all ages. The audience for the new imprint is seen as YA and above.

"Although S&S has published a range of science fiction and fantasy authors, but hasn't had a dedicated imprint for the genre in either its adult or children’s departments. A lot of content comes our way that we find compelling, but which won’t work in teen sections [of bookstores]. We don’t want to use that as an excuse to not publish books for a growing market.

"We expect to publish 12 to 15 hardcovers annually starting in spring 2015, hopefully able to release a few titles by fall 2014. In addition to publishing in traditional print formats, the imprint will publish in a variety of digital formats, including e-only and serial publishing. Most new sci-fi/fantasy at S&S will be published under the imprint. Titles will be sold by both the adult and children’s sales forces.

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