Saturday, December 07, 2013

Be a Santa. Writing workshops. Arte Público.

Santas needed for striking farmworkers' niños

La Bloga was asked to pass along this request:        
"I am having a Navidad dinner for the workers who have been on strike since September against Sakuma Brothers Farms, a national agri-business, for its unfair labor practices.

"I would like to give the workers' children books for Christmas. Would any authors or others be willing to donate children's books to this event? I am in need of young teen books, but books for 5-10 year olds are also most appreciated.

The dinner will be on Dec 16. Please sent books to: Angelica Guillen, 20946 Lake 16 Rd., Mount Vernon, WA 98274.
Gracias! Angelica Guillen

Felix Gomez fans beware!

Followers of vampiristo novelist Mario Acevedo might be naively happy about this message from the author:

"I typed THE END. Draft one of Rescue From Planet Pleasure is done, cabrones!"

Will the toothy, macho-fatale Felix Gomez be detectiving again in time for Xmas 2014? Browse the shelves of your local blood bank, to find out. Or Acevedo's website.

AWP Panel: 35th Anniversary of Arte Público

From J.L. Torres, Professor of English at SUNY Plattsburgh:
Any writers published by Arte Publico Press going to the AWP conference in Seattle who may be interested in participating on a reading panel celebrating Arte Publico's 35th anniversary, please shoot me a message.

Arte Público books by raza authors - gift ideas

Writing workshops for people of color

Applications are now open for the June 22-28, 2014, VONA/Voices Summer 2014 writing workshops to be held at the University of California, Berkeley. Junot Díaz, among others, will be one of the master faculty.

From their website:
"VONA/Voices, the only(?) multi-genre workshop for writers of color in the nation, brings writers of color from the margins to a community where their work is centralized and honored. Join us for a week of writing workshops.

"In all workshops, writers exchange their works, share strategies and have discussions vital to their craft, practices and lives as writers of color. In the residencies, writers work one-on-one with their master faculty member and meet with the residency group. All writers of color are welcome to apply regardless of experience, age, or status."

Es todo, hoy,


Anonymous said...

Thank you RudyG for all the good info.

Sabrina Vourvoulias said...

Have signal boosted the call for book donations. I always enjoy reading your posts, ¡Gracias!

Contributing Bloguistas: said...

Gracias, Diana y Sabrina; a sus servicios

BTW, you can also mail checks for kids' book donations to that address.