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Quiñones. Teen on privilege. Legacy of intolerance. New MA studies.

Sam Quiñones
New paths for a great journalist

Sam Quiñones, author of one of my favorite books, Antonio's Gun, is leaving the L.A. Times for other adventures. La Bloga wishes him well with his old and new endeavors. Read the whole story here. 

American teenager explains white privilege

If you need material to explain white privilege to an Anglo, or just want to check your own understanding of it, then check this American teenager's cartoon. She's not just a breath of fresh air; she's a windstorm leaving the cities sweet.

Artist Jamie Kapp, 19, calls herself IgnorantTeenager; she's anything but. Here's her first cartoon, but enjoy them all.

U.S. legacies of intolerance

Jimmy Franco Sr.'s post this week on LatinoPOV, The Enduring US Legacies of Discrimination and Intolerance, should be read by all. Here's a taste:

"This present-day type of systematic ethnic intolerance and governmental restrictions on specific sectors within our society are becoming somewhat reminiscent of a similar trend in 1930s fascist Germany.

"The ideological basis of our society was founded upon the four legacies of white supremacy, male dominance, class bias and religious sectarianism.

"This upsurge in ethnic hatred and divisive behavior needs to be actively confronted and not avoided nor shrugged off. Hiding our heads in the sand instead of standing up and speaking out for correct principles and norms of mutual respect and behavior only encourages these hate-spewing bullies."

A new Center for Mexican American Studies

From Juan Tejeda comes this:
"Colegas y Camaradas: On behalf of Alamo Colleges and Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Tejas, we invite you to this special Ceremonia and Grand Opening Celebration of the Palo Alto College Center for Mexican American Studies on Thursday, March 20. 

"Many colleagues have been working on this initiative for over a year and now the dream is becoming a reality. Come on out to the Southside and celebrate with us. It's free and open to the community and we'll have free food and drinks for lunch, plus some very special cantos and performances. Feel free to invite friends and familia. We give thanks for the blessing of this center and may it serve to inspire and help our children and students succeed in school and in life, for generations to come."

Denver's best Tex-Mex

During The Rick Garcia Band's performances on April 12 and 13 at Denver's Oriental Theater, you have a chance to own one of the framed posters and artwork that were displayed at Rick's Tavern!
Rick Garcia Band website:
Oriental Theater website:
Rick Garcia Band 24-hour line: (720) 855-8166

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