Friday, November 11, 2016

New Books - Events

Not that it's easy to keep on truckin', but essentially that is our only choice. The times they are a changin'. Vigilance will be required, despair and fear have to be fought. Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight, as the Jamaican brother once sang.  One thing to remember: more of our fellow citizens voted for Clinton than for Trump -- that's something, even if it is bittersweet. 
A few new books and a pair of spirit-raising events.  
Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights.

New Books

University of Doom
Mario Acevedo
June, 2016
[from the author's website]
My newest novel, University of Doom is out, both an ebook and in trade paperback. My best endorsement so far comes from my eleven-year-old next door neighbor: I laughed so hard, milk shot out my nose.

Monsters, robots, a sinister villain... and a boy who’s about to discover that the only way to defeat evil is with genius.

Thirteen-year-old Alfonso is top of his class at the University of Doom, the super-secret Center for Evil Genius Academia and Mad Science. He longs to be a mad scientist like his father, Dr. Eugenio Frankenstein. But when family nemesis Professor James Moriarty falsely accuses the Frankenstein family of going too far at playing God, they’re exiled to an ordinary suburban neighborhood, where they must hide their past to fit in. Despite his father’s wishes, Alfonso returns to the University of Doom with his new friend, Sarah Barker, to battle Professor Moriarty and his army of monsters and robots to become the greatest evil genius who ever lived.

The adventures of Alfonso Frankenstein, future mad scientist, at the University of Doom, the super-secret Center for Evil Genius Academia and Mad Science.

Thus Bad Begins
Javier Marías
Translated by Margaret Jull Costa

Knopf - November

[from the publisher]
From the internationally acclaimed author of The Infatuations comes the mesmerizing story of a couple living in the shadow of a mysterious, unhappy history --- a novel about the cruel, tender punishments we exact on those we love.

Madrid, 1980. Juan de Vere, nearly finished with his university degree, takes a job as personal assistant to Eduardo Muriel, an eccentric, once-successful film director. Urbane, discreet, irreproachable, Muriel is an irresistible idol to the young man. But Muriel's voluptuous wife, Beatriz, inhabits their home like an unwanted ghost; and on the periphery of their lives is Dr. Jorge Van Vechten, a family friend implicated in unsavory rumors that Muriel now asks Juan to investigate. As Juan draws closer to the truth, he uncovers only more questions. What is at the root of Muriel's hostility toward his wife? How did Beatriz meet Van Vechten? What happened during the war?

Marías leads us deep into the intrigues of these characters, through a daring exploration of rancor, suspicion, loyalty, trust, and the infinitely permeable boundaries between the deceptions perpetrated on us by others and those we inflict upon ourselves.

Javier Marías was born in Madrid in 1951. The recipient of numerous prizes, including the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and the Prix Femina Étranger, he has written 13 novels, three story collections, and 19 works of collected articles and essays. His books have been translated into 43 languages, in 52 countries, and have sold more than seven million copies throughout the world.

The Spy
Paulo Coelho
Knopf - November

[from the publisher]
In his new novel, Paulo Coelho, best-selling author of The Alchemist and Adultery, brings to life one of history's most enigmatic women: Mata Hari. Her only crime was to be an independent woman.

When Mata Hari arrived in Paris she was penniless.  Within months she was the most celebrated woman in the city.

As a dancer, she shocked and delighted audiences; as a courtesan, she bewitched the era’s richest and most powerful men.

But as paranoia consumed a country at war, Mata Hari’s lifestyle brought her under suspicion. In 1917, she was arrested in her hotel room on the Champs Elysees, and accused of espionage.

Told in Mata Hari’s voice through her final letter, The Spy is the unforgettable story of a woman who dared to defy convention and who paid the ultimate price.

Shared Lives, Twin Sun (Portal of Light) (Volume 1)
Anthony Garcia

[from the author]
The Shared Lives are the Ladino (Jewish) community that resides world wide that share their faith outwardly Christian/Catholic and privately in their home--Jewish. The Twin Sun represents the original Sun that appeared in our universe that imploded and gave life to our Sun and Milky Way. This original Sun was the Semano-heaven for the original star that was cryptically hidden that provided the impetus for these writings. Garcia writes a "fascinating overview of the Ladino community -- Jewish people that have had to hide their religious identity (The Great Veil of Concealment)-- and fit in with a heavily Catholic society in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico."


Chispa: Pimentel Concert Series, Ronstadt Generations y Los Tucsonenses

Representing five generations in North America, Ronstadt Generations continues the family’s musical traditions with Michael J. Ronstadt (younger brother of Linda) and his sons, Michael G. and Petie D. Multi-instrumentalists and solo performers in their own right, they present an exciting repertoire that preserves the traditional Southwestern and Mexican songs of their heritage while offering innovative original material. In 2012 three veteran musicians—Alex Flores, Sam Eagon, and Aaron Emery—came on board to form the six-piece ensemble Ronstadt Generations y Los Tucsonenses (the Tucsonians). Playing tenor saxophone, bass, and drums, respectively, Alex, Sam, and Aaron add a colorful dimension to an already powerful presentation that respects tradition while exploring innovation. The ensemble’s albums include Prelude (2012) and Epilogue (2014). Presented in partnership with Pimentel Music, this is the eighth concert in the Pimentel Music Series. It will be followed by an after-party at Hotel Albuquerque.

November 12 - 7:30 pm

National Hispanic Cultural Center
1701 4th Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

 Open Mic at Café Cultura, Denver

 Much more happening at Café Cultura -- browse the website for a full schedule.



Manuel Ramos is the author of several novels, short stories, poems, and non-fiction books and articles. His collection of short stories, The Skull of Pancho Villa and Other Stories, was a finalist for the 2016 Colorado Book Award. My Bad: A Mile High Noir was published by Arte Público Press in October, 2016.

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