Thursday, November 10, 2016

Chicanonautica: Victor Theremin and His Transdimensional Video Chat

The following is a transcript of an intercepted video chat from Ernest Hogan’s computer:

ERNEST HOGAN: What? Er? Victor?

VICTOR THEREMIN: Yeah, ‘Nesto. It’s me. Que paso, ‘mano?

EH: Uh, how did you get on my computer?

VT: I can’t really say. This all way beyond super-duper tip-top secret stuff. Having to do with all my connections, AIs, and stuff . . .

EH: In other words, you’re been hanging around with some freaky, far-out hacker-types again.

VT: If you prefer to think of it that way.

EH: So, why are bothering me, looking like some blurry video-synthesizer experiment from the seventies?

VT: You didn’t seem busy.

EH: I was staring at the screen, hoping that an idea from my next Chicanonautica for La Bloga would hit me.

VT: Need a little inspiration? Well, I’ve got it overflowing all my orifices!

EH: You know spontaneous creation is also one of my afflictions, but in this case I need something more specific.

VT: So, just look around at the Chicanidad around you, grab something, and run with it.

EH: The problem is it’s scheduled to go up the second day after the election.

VT: Hijo de la chingada! Couldn’t you just wait and write it after you know who wins?

EH: I work Election Day and the day after. Eight hour shifts. I could end up in the hospital.

VT: Could be worth it.

EH: Could also be an incoherent mess full of typos and misspellings.

VT: You’re getting soft in your old age.

EH: And you’re still trying to live like a fictional character.

VT: It’s always worked for me.

EH: I’m thinking of writing something in advance, then tack something about who won on as soon as I know.

VT: That’s crazy. I like it.

EH: Only now I’m stuck between the alternate universes of the two outcomes.

VT: Great! So write about  that!

EH: Being stuck between alternate universes?

VT: Yeah. Isn’t that what politics is all about?

EH: It also could be the story of your life.

VT: Only right now, it’s everybody’s life.

EH: Please, Victor, I’m trying to keep track of where my life ends and the sci-fi begins!

VT: What makes you think it does, ‘Nesto?

EH: Argh. Anyway, the world is trapped between Trumptopia and Hillarytopia right now.

VT: And what is utopia to some is dystopia to others.

EH: And vice versa.

VT: In Trumptopia, we’ll have to back living as oppressed guerrilla artists in the underground.

EH: You forgot to about being broke, too. And Hillarytopia ain’t my utopia, but it will basically be an extension of our current reality, which hasn’t been bad for me, with being published and getting recognition.

VT: Yeah, ese, milk that Father of Chicano Science Fiction schtick for all you can.

EH: But, it would great for uncertainty to be over.

VT: The future, always go for it!

EH: Which reminds me, just why were you spying on me through my computer?

VT: Uh-oh. What’s that? They found me!

EH: Victor? Victor?

At this the feeds, audio and video, became pure static.

Ernest Hogan is figuring out how to survive in Trumptopia. Victor Theremin is alive and well and living in another dimension.

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