Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dr. Victor Shamas-New Age Cubano, author of Deep Creativity, Founder of Global Chant

Song has been a most noteworthy companion of our species probably since language was developed and originally it was an intrinsic part of devotion of that which was deemed sacred, for by singing a person's heart is opened. It is understandable then, why song continues to be such an important part of worship in all religions. My introduction to sacred song was through my teachings from India.

A few years ago I began attending sessions of Global Chant and met Victor, the founder. We chant songs from many spiritual traditions including, Jewish, Christian, Bhuddist, Hindu, Islam, Celtic and Native American. The video clip is a chant that comes from the Sioux, Make Me One with the Infinite Sun. Victor is in the back row playing guitar

Victor has been a professor of psychology at the University of Arizona for the last 22 years and is now retired. I asked him what led to the establishment of Global Chant in Tucson.

"From the time I was three years-old, I have had a passion for sacred music. For me, music has always been the doorway to spirit. I need to feel inspiration in my body, and few things inspire me like music. When I make sacred music, it heals me. And I am not alone in this. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in Global Chant over the past two decades. I can always see the difference in people who keep coming back on a weekly basis. They become more vibrant and alive!

Our chant circles embrace sacred music from every part of the world. Regardless of the religious tradition or cultural influences, the music always manages to heal and inspire. That has everything to do with the intention behind it. As long as it is infused with love and joy, a song or chant will take you to some very high places. And when it is shared with a group of like-minded people, the effect only gets magnified."

Central to Victor's world view is the idea of play and i asked him about it.

"Play is a sacred path that leads to inspiration. Don’t believe me? Then think back to your greatest moments of bliss and ecstasy. What were you doing at the time? Chances are you were engaged in some form of play. I don’t mean sports, games, and other forms of competition, where the focus is on winning. I am talking about activities you do purely for their own sake: walking in nature, dancing, making love, tasting something delicious, or getting a massage. There are thousands of ways to play. The idea is to lose yourself in the experience so that time stands still and all worries or concerns just dissipate. When you get to that point, you have arrived at the core of spirituality, which is the pure experience of the moment. My mantra is: Here and now, Baby! Anything that draws your attention entirely to the present moment can be considered holy. And as far as I am concerned, nothing is holier than play."

I asked Victor about his latest book

"My book, Deep Creativity: Inside the Creative Mystery, looks at what happens during moments of creative inspiration. It took me 30 years to get inside the experience of inspiration so that I could understand its nuances. You may wonder why anyone would devote three decades of their life to figuring out what happens in the blink of an eye. The answer is simple: I love those moments of insight and illumination as much as I love anything. This is the central passion of my life. For me, it is not enough to experience an occasional flash of inspiration; I want to be inspired every day. So, what does it take to live in inspiration? The experience has three parts: passion, presence, and possibility. Once you know what these are and how they work, you can do much more than get inspired. You can stay inspired. Why just exist when you can experience a life of inspiration? Every moment is imbued with the nectar of delight, and I want to catch every last drop. And savor it, of course!"

 I asked Victor about future plans.

"Over the next six months, I will be traveling around the country to talk about Deep Creativity and share the secrets of creative inspiration. Then, I have two books in the works. One of them will contain a set of simple, fun activities to help people find inspiration in their daily lives. The other, which I am writing in collaboration with my beloved, focuses exclusively on the relationship between sexuality and inspiration.

Victor publishes a weekly blog at or find him on Twitter or Facebook.


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Thanks for the interview, Antonio. BTW, I'm not "New Age" at all, compay! In my mind, that implies a metaphysical approach which is distinctly lacking in my writings. You won't find anything about angels, fairies, or extraterrestrials in any of my books. My work has more a basis in mysticism and is more closely aligned with the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, Santa Caterina de Siena, Meister Eckhart, William Blake, San Francisco de Asis, Teresa d'Avila, Hasidism, and ancient Hindu texts like the Upanishads and the Bhairava Tantra.