Friday, May 21, 2010

Dispatch from the National Latino Writers Conference. Day 2.

Fotos: Fabián Armijo (NHCC)

This week, La Bloga is happy to share late-breaking news and views from the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Alburquerque NM, site of the NLWC. Our correspondent is Margaret Y. Luévano. Click on Margaret's name for her first day column.

The spirit of camaraderie and support that Rigoberto Gonzales instilled in us yesterday carries over into day two of the conference. Ideas bounce around from table to table. The knowledge flows freely and generously among participants and presenters alike. People run off to chat with the muse in the corner while others have lights go on in their eyes when they get a fresh insight into their work.

With such a variety of genres represented in the group, the open mic sessions are a joy to witness and a certain highlight of the conference. Poets and young adult writers, novelists and memoirists, read their work to a generous and cheering audience.

Most impressive is the experience and talent level present here. The participants are serious writers searching for tools to improve their craft while the presenters' arsenal of expertise serve as a testament that yes, we are a strong community of writers with a firm foundation.

Coming tonight is the banquet and presentations of Premio Aztlan to Gloria Zamora and the NHCC Literary Award to Luis Alberto Urrea.

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