Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who will La Bloga interview next?

In our years online, La Bloga has nurtured a significant body of lore in the form of interviews of Chicano authors, poets and others, and non-Chicanos as well. Coincidentally we know the site is used by students, collegiate and non, literally across the planet, although we have little info on the numbers or purposes. I'd assume many are students using La Bloga material to bulk up their theses or term papers. Qué bueno!

The interviews do and will serve a higher purpose than bibliographical
cites; they're the authors' own words about what inspired them, how they write, and why, where they come from and where they think Chicano lit might be headed. In that sense they're a pulse of how Chicano lit lives and breathes, and one day, dies, though the authors' prose and poesy lives on.

La Bloga
's staff is a bunch of dedicated individuals who've managed to build this body of work into something we know is enjoyed, utilized and perhaps even visited every day by many. But, given the inherently thin definition of what constitutes our staff, we could use help from readers.

We'd like your ideas about adding to this body of literary history:

We're especially open to interviews of those who've published books or collections in hard copy. At the same time, someone who's published stories, poems, essays, etc. in several publications could also deserve our attention, within our given time constraints.

We're not limited to covering Chicanos. We've been known to post interviews of
boriquas, newyorquians, mexicanos, peludos y a veces the occasional gringo, even.

If you as a reader would enjoy seeing an interview of a particular author, poet, editor,
o cualquier tipo del mundo de literatura, write one or all of us and let us know who that is, especially if you have a way of contacting them that we might not.

Autor, autor!

Or if you yourself are published and have wondered why we never contacted you before,
mándanos un mensaje, and we might surprise you. I assure you we've never meant to neglect anyone; it's just how slowly La Bloga works as an unpaid enterprise. So, contact us, whether you're Gabriel Garcia Marquez or quién-sabe-quién.

Hell, if you're a gringo and think you'd pass RudyG's
CACA test with flying burrito colors, send that E-mail. At the same time, if you think that test is un montón de mierda fuchi then write one of the other more sensible Bloguistas.

Obviously, we'll get to authors with published novels before those with online pubs, but perhaps you're a rising star and
La Bloga should get in your face with our interview mike before you're beyond us.

Additionally, if you're not an author per se, but somehow involved in the literary world--an editor, for instance--and think La Bloga would benefit from your participation, let us know.

Yes, we're always open to reprinting interviews, as space permits, and to interviews done by guest bloguistas. But of course we love seeing our own words online and hope to hear about more candidates we've yet to interview.

Today's my first day of dis-employment,
estoy bien cansado por sacar todas mis libros y las otras cosas de mi salón de clase. So,

es todo, hoy,


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