Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stop SB 1070!

Jornalerod CD CoverIn an effort to raise funds for the organizing and litigation effort in Arizona against SB 1070, Los Jornaleros del Norte, the people's band, have released a 10-track CD titled, "Que No Pare la Lucha," their third album release. With their new album, Los Jornaleros again put music to life, work, struggle and hope.

The release of their album could not be more timely. With the upcoming National Day of Action on May 29th in Phoenix, AZ, Los Jornaleros will once again lend their talents and passion for music and social justice to the march and rally, uniting the immigrant community and their allies under a common goal: Peace, Dignity and Justice for All.

Because the organizing efforts do require lots of resources, personnel, and legal fees, Los Jornaleros have decided to donate all of the proceeds of their album to the AltoArizona campaign. We are encouraging your support to this effort by going to the AltoArizona music site, purchasing the album (only $10, or more, if you wish) and sharing the link with family and friends on your social networks.

AltoArizona has made it as easy as possible to preview the album, purchase and share links to the music online. The title track, Que No Pare la Lucha, is available for free download.

The following are the names of the 10 tracks included:

1. Que No Pare la Lucha (free) 02:41
2. El Cochinito 04:12
3. Dónde Está la Justicia 04:34
4. La Movidita 02:38
5. Deportación Expres 04:49
6. No Dejes de Luchar 02:12
7. Acordeoncito 05:20
8. Traguito de Dignidad 03:52
9. La Redadas 06:27
10. Carwashero (Lava coches) 06:01

Included with your purchase, you will receive front and back CD cover art, liner notes, and 2 hidden bonus tracks!!

Click here for preview & album purchase.

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) thanks you for your support in this critical moment in history. We look forward to seeing you at the march in Phoenix on the 29th and to your local solidarity actions being planned on the AltoArizona shared actions/events page.

Please feel free to forward this message on to your networks to support our efforts in Arizona

In Solidarity,

Pablo Alvarado
National Day Laborer Organizing Network

Jornalero Group Photo

Videos: Are You Coming to Arizona?, Latino Lawmakers Urge Veto of SB1070

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