Friday, January 10, 2014

Major Exhibits at the National Museum of Mexican Art - Curandera at Museo de las Americas

News this week of happenings at museums in Chicago and Denver - la cultura cura. Museum receptions are scheduled for the evening of January 16. Can you make it to both?

Manuel Ramos


The National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago has scheduled opening night receptions for three major exhibits on January 16. Included is an impressive collection of Chicano art from the Galería Sin Fronteras that graced Austin's East Side for thirteen years. The list of artists in this particular exhibit is exciting, to say the least:

Alfredo Arreguin, Santa C. Barraza, Marietta Bernstorff, Cristina Cardenas, Barbara Carrasco, Enrique Chagoya, Sam Coronado (1946-2013), Carlos Cortéz (1923-2005), Claudio Dicochea, Juan de Dios Mora, Ruben Esparza, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Carlos Frésquez, Ana Fuentes, Esperanza Gama, Diana Gamboa, Camille Rose Garcia, Rupert Garcia, José González, Quintin Gonzalez, Gronk, Ester Hernandez, Luis Jimenez Jr. (1940-2006), Carmen Lomas Garza, Alma López, Martina López, Jose Lozano, Gilbert “Magu” Lujan (1940-2011), Rigo Maldonado, Daniel Martin Diaz, César A. Martínez, Joseph Maruska, Michael Menchaca, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Delilah Montoya, José Montoya (1932-2013), Maceo Montoya, Malaquías Montoya, Tony Ortega, Amado Maurillo Peña Jr., Dulce Pinzon, Alan Pogue, Alfred Quiroz, Juan Miguel Ramos, Marcos Raya, Angel Rodríguez Diaz, Artemio Rodríguez, Alex Rubio,Ricardo Ruiz, Shizu Saldamando, David A. Siqueiros (1896-1974), Ruben Trejo (1937-2009), Jose Francisco Treviño, Antonio Turok, John Valadez, Patssi Valdez, Vincent Valdez, Linda Vallejo, Kathy Vargas, Salvador Vega, Xavier Viramontes, Federico Virgil, George Yepes, Jaime GERMS Zacarias

Location 1852 W. 19th street
Chicago, IL 60608 


Daily 10:00 5:00 p.m. Closed on Mondays


In the Main Gallery - Galería Sin Fronteras

In 1986 a small commercial gallery opened on the East Side of Austin, TX in a predominantly Mexican neighborhood. Inspired by the ideals of Sister Karen Boccalero (1933-97) and the social conscious mission of Self-Help Graphics in East L.A., Galería Sin Fronteras (Gallery Without Boarders) specialized in Chicano, Latin American, and Caribbean art. For thirteen years the Galería was instrumental in commissioning new works, coordinating exhibitions, and promoting emergent Latino artists. Their First-Voice approach resulted in exhibitions that were consciously connected to the social and political realities of their community.

This exhibition showcases Chicano based artwork from the collection of professor Gilberto Cárdenas, the founder of Galería Sin Fronteras.

In the Torres Gallery-
As Cosmopolitans & Strangers: Mexican Art of the Jewish Diaspora

This NMMA Permanent Collection exhibition explores the notion of both “insiders and outsiders” and the struggle between preservation and integration among the Jewish communities in Mexico. Furthermore, the exhibition provides a unique opportunity to challenge established notions of Mexicanidad (Mexicaness), as these artists of Jewish heritage have been integral to the evolution of a modern Mexican visual culture. The diverse experiences that have cultivated Mexican identity now raise questions of citizenship and immigration.

In the Kraft Gallery - Fragmentos: Pilar Acevedo

Through disturbing memories and narratives, the works of Pilar Acevedo take us back to an age of innocence, where "loss" is a constant reality. With the union of poetry and sound, Acevedo recreates countless memories from the childhood of women through the fusion of fragments, pieces, and layers of diverse materials. These memories manifest themselves as paintings and assemblages that at first glance, seem peaceful. However, once we delve into them, the characters stare back at us with hollow eyes and wonder, "Is this my guardian angel or monster, are these my saints or demons?"


Remedios de Mi Abuela

Meanwhile, in Denver at the Museo de las Americas --

Join us at Museo de las Americas on January 16, 2014 for a natural healing and wellness seminar.

The Museo is honored to host Teresa Vigil a curandera from San Luis, Colorado who will be giving a presentation on the Latin American tradition of healing with herbs.

Following Doña Vigil's presentation we will have vendors on site selling remedios so that you are able to continue the tradition of healing with herbs in your own home.

It's time to clean out that medicine cabinet and stock up your kitchen cabinets and heal yourself like our ancestors did!

January 16, 2014 6:00-7:30pm
$3 for members $5 non members

861 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, Colorado 80204



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