Friday, January 17, 2014

Sick Weather: Be Careful What You Wish For

Melinda Palacio
Drought and Colby Wildfire equals unusually hot weather for winter in Santa Barbara

Last week, my colleague at la Bloga was smart enough to ask for help with his column. He was sick and sent out an email asking if someone would post for him. This is the wonderful camaraderie involved in being part of La Bloga.

I, on the other hand, thought after a week, I would shake off my cold (now airborne flu) and have something to write about, other than being sick, sneezing, coughing, inducing a sleep coma when not sneezing or coughing. I managed for a whole year to avoid getting sick. I was on a mission, do not get sick. I was too busy with writing, presentations, and teaching. One of the advantages of teaching online is no sick students sneezing on me, but the germs finally got to me. And I've been down for two weeks.

The rise in temperature has been drastic. New Orleans experienced a strange roller coaster weather with temperatures that kept dropping. This has been one of the coldest winters, but not cold enough to snow as it did in 2008. When I saw icicles dangle from the tree out my window, I knew it was time to head west for some California sunshine. Only problem was I was already sick. I arrived to bathing suit weather, two days straight of 81 degrees in January, and an eerie case of be careful what you wish for. The warmer weather was nice, but too nice, considering the drought California is in. 

Solvang is rationing water. Yesterday, I heard the news of the fast-moving wildfire in Glendora. This comes only days after Ventura County issued a red-alert fire warning. The Colby Fire is still burning as of this morning. Let's all take a moment to think and dance rain. Big sheets of soaking rain.
The Voice of the Voiceless: the Social Responsibility of the Artist
 Malaquias Montoya

For now, whether or not I recover this weekend, there are some important events happening in Santa Barbara including the annual program and march in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King on Monday and Professor Malaquias Montoya to speak at UCSB's Multicultural Center Theater, Tuesday at 6pm. 

Tuesday, January 21, 6pm


Olga Garcia Echeverria said...

Everyone seems to be sniffling or sneezing, and the strange weather shifts everywhere definitely don't help. Welcome back to Califas and hope you get well soon.

hạt điều rang muối said...

the weather is too bad