Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Maria had a little llama

Review by Ariadna Sánchez

Maria had a little llama,

Little llama, little llama,

Maria had a little llama,

Its fleece was white as snow.

This sounds great, don’t you think?

Maria had a little llama is written and illustrated by Angela Dominguez. This story is an attractive twist to the classic rhyme Mary had a little lamb.

Angela Dominguez gives this popular rhyme a unique Latin American touch. The beautiful Peruvian paintings portray the essence of this wonderful country.

Maria had a little llama is a bilingual book that can be read in English and Spanish. The children will love Maria and her white llama. Maria loves music. She plays the pan flute while her llama follows her everywhere Maria goes.

One day, Maria walks to school and the llama comes after her. Maria knows that her llama cannot be inside the classroom due to school rules. However, the intrepid llama follows Maria to the classroom. Maria’s classmates laugh, touch and play with the little llama. The fun ends when the teacher arrives and takes the llama out of the school. The llama waits very patiently until Maria comes out of the school. Maria and her llama are really true friends.

Visit your local library and check out this book today. Encouraging positive values to new generations will create a better and rich community. A friend is like having a treasure. Remember that reading gives you wigs!

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