Thursday, January 02, 2014

Chicanonautica: A Chicanonaut in 2013, A.D.

The year 2013 was eventful for your humble Chicanonaut. It feels like I went way out there, was weightless, but now have reentered, splashed down, and am adjusting  to Earth-normal gravity again. And, ay! When I check through my log/blog/whatever, it reads like out-of-control sci-fi.

Somehow, I became known as the father of Chicano sci-fi/science fiction/speculative fiction/whatever. I never really set out to do any such thing. Being who I am, I was stuck with it. Nothing else to do but tilt with the windmills that come charging at me and make the most of it.

I accomplished some serious writer stuff. All three of my novels are now available as ebooks. I learned a lot in the process.

As Tahir Shah says, “a life not filled with severe learning curves is no life at all.”

Now, if I can just learn how to get hordes of people to buy those books . . .

I’ve also got stories in anthologies about superheroes, postcolonialism, and Afrofuturism. There’s a theme running through them all, even the superhero one (where I contributed a story about a cyberpunk masked luchador) -- the caucasian, anglophone corner of this planet is no longer the center of civilization. Stories, and cultures, can be from any part of the whole human race. 

La Raza Cósmica rides again!

Also, I’ve made a deal with a non-traditional publisher . My novels will available in trade paperback. And there will be a collection of my best short fiction. 

The world is in turmoil, but then ain’t it always?

I’m excited about 2014. There's gonna be crazy caca raining out of the sky. And the really good stuff has just begun.

Órale, pues!

Ernest Hogan knows his writing is psychotropic. Please read it responsibly.

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