Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Count me in!

Review by Ariadna Sánchez
The southern Mexican state of Oaxaca celebrates the Guelaguetza every July. Guelaguetza means sharing. This festivity brings together the splendor of the eight regions of Oaxaca through dances, music, food, and art.
Count me in! is written by Cynthia Weill and complemented by the talented Aguilar Sisters. Count me in! is a colorful and artistic counting book with the unique and finest  ceramic figurines made by the gifted Aguilar sisters.Count me in! offers an unforgettable bilingual experience while learning numbers one through ten along the músicos, pretty danzantes and joyful niñas y niños as each page shows the traditional calenda before the Guelaguetza begins. Una marmota, an enormous white balloon held by a wooden stick, leads the parade with la banda de musica playing. Dos cueteros come along to throw firecrackers into the air. Tres músicos follow the cueteros. Cuatro monos or giants puppets bring happiness to the parade. The world-known art by Guillermina, Josefina, Irene and Concepción Aguilar will show Oaxaca’s beauty as you count from one to ten. Visit the nearest library to read this amazing book. Reading gives you wings!
The Aguilar sisters are Mexico’s most beloved artisans. They learned how to make clay figurines from their mother Isaura Álcantara Diaz. These lively independent women are considered great masters of Mexican folk art and have been presented to Queen Elizabeth, Queen Sofia of Spain, various Mexican presidents and Nelson Rockefeller. Their humorous ceramics of the people of their town and state are in museum collections worldwide.

The collection of parade figures from Count Me In was acquired by the Field Museum in Chicago for its permanent collection.                                               

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