Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Santiago the Dreamer

Review by Ariadna Sánchez

Most people have at least one dream in their lives. Dreams are important because they allow individuals to explore different avenues towards success. Making dreams come true is the final goal at the end of a person’s journey.  Santiago the Dreamer in Land Among the Stars is written by international pop star Ricky Martin and gorgeously illustrated by Patricia Castelao.

Santiago’s dream is to perform on stage. The school opens auditions for the lead part in the annual play. Santiago learns all his lines, but he is so nervous that his voice cracks. The children watching the audition laugh, and Santiago leaves the stage quite sad. Santiago shares the unfortunate experience about his audition with his father. His father with a tender voice and a big smile said, ˈNever give up. You can do anything you dream of, as long as you do it with love. And, no matter what you choose, always reach for the moon!ˈ Santiago realizes that the most important thing to do in order to reach any dream is not to quit and believe in one’s self. Santiago also dreams about becoming: a teacher, a pilot, a doctor, an astronaut, a paleontologist, and a baseball player. But Santiago’s biggest dream is to perform in a famous theater, so he practices daily to improve his voice, dancing, acting, and singing skills to become a star.

After practicing for weeks, the lead actor of the annual play lost his voice. Santiago knows that this is a one-of-a kind opportunity, so without thinking it twice, he approached the director to take the leading role. This time Santiago is ready, he puts all his effort and love to offer a great show to the entire audience in the school auditorium. Santiago’s father is amazed for his son’s extraordinary performance. Santiago tells his father that his encouraging words motivated him to pursue his dream until he was able to reach the moon and be among the stars.

Reading helps achieve dreams. Never give up, keep trying and trying until you reach the moon and the stars. Visit the nearest library to continue exploring new adventures. ¡Hasta pronto!


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