Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday, Sun Day, Day of the Sun in Kansas City & Los Ángeles

Xánath Caraza

Kansas City Latino Writers Collective members: Jose Faus, Gustavo Adolfo Aybar, Xanath Caraza y Chato Villalobos
Hoy en La Bloga un paseo por Kansas City, MO y Los Ángeles, CA.  Kansas City siempre está llena de actividades literarias, culturales y/o de activismo social.  Este pasado fin de semana no fue la excepción.  Tuvimos desde presentaciones de libros, entrevistas y una presentadora de Honduras.  También, hoy en La Bloga, noticias sobre una antología recién publicada en Los Ángeles.

Miembro fundador del Latino Writers Collective, José Faus tuvo la presentación de su libro, This Town Like That (Spartan Press, 2015) en Kansas City. ¡Enhorabuena!

This Town Like That Poems by Jose Faus
José Faus is an artist and writer. He has exhibited extensively and been involved in a series of mural projects locally and abroad. He is a 2012 Rocket Grant recipient for the community project VOX NARRO. He is a co-founder of the Latino Writers Collective and president of the board of the Writers Place. He is the 2011 winner of Poets & Writers Maureen Egen Writers Exchange award and one of four recipients of the Gift of Faith Award by the Regional Evangelical Council of Churches. 

This Town Like That is his first book, Faus conjures up memories and reflections in a narrative meditation on a love affair with his adopted hometown of Kansas City

Sobre This Town Like That unas palabras por Gustavo Adolfo Aybar también del Latino Writers Collective.

Gustavo Adolfo Aybar

This Town Like That by José Faus (Spartan Press 2015)

"From the first poem in this pocket-sized collection to the last, I found myself not only entertained, but intrigued; curious about “this town” and wondering how with fifteen years in this city, does Faus introduce me to new aspects of it, as well as make me wish I too knew 39th Street and Kansas City/the Midwest as well as he does. " G. A. Aybar


Desde Honduras Reyna Tejada fue invitada por Cross Border Network (CBN) a Kansas City, Judy Ancel es la Presidenta de CBN y Melissa Archer la coordinadora. Tejada vino para presentar la plática, The Hands that Sew your Clothes: Garment Workers in the Honduran Maquila en la galería Vulpes Bastille de la ciudad.  Varios miembros del Latino Writers Collective dieron la bienvenida a Reyna Tejada con una breve presentación de poesía.  A continuación unas fotos del evento.

Reyna Tejada and Judy Ancel
Chato Villalobos at Vulpes Bastille Gallery
Jose Faus
Xanath Caraza
Gustavo Adolfo Aybar
Reyna Tejada at Vulpes Bastille Gallery
Kansas City Latino Writers Collective members: J. Faus, Jan Rog, G. Aybar and Chato Villalobos
Desde Los Ángeles, California, Víctor Sotomayor, Editor, nos informa que la antología, No Se Habla Español ya está a la venta.  Aquí el enlace para su adquisición. 

Editor Victor Sotomayor


Para terminar quiero agradecer a la Dra. Villalobos de la University of Nevada at Reno por la entrevista sobre mi quehacer literario, la cual será publicada próximamente.  Muchas gracias, viva la poesía y la literatura.
Dra. Villalobos de la University of Nevada at Reno


Jose Carrillo said...

Mil Gracias, Xanath for this post; I look forward to the entrevista! Saludos!

Xánath Caraza said...

¡Hola José Carrillo! En cuanto la Dra. Villalobos me dé luz verde paso la información. ¡Saludos hasta Seattle!

Unknown said...


Yes, I am very glad that Xanath made the time to talk with me and I am excited about our interview. The interview explores her poetry in terms of her aesthetics, issues of identity, and her most recent travels outside of the United States.

I will keep you updated about the interview when it is published.

Thank you for your interest in this project!

Saludos cordiales,

Dra. Villalobos