Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Macondo Workshop 2015

Originating at the kitchen table of poet and writer Sandra Cisneros in 1995, the Macondo Workshop focused on bringing together a community of poets, novelists, journalists, performance artists, and creative writers of all genres whose work is socially engaged. In 2012, Cisneros handed over the workshop to the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center after she decided to relocate to San Miguel de Allsende, Mexico.

This year, the Macondo Workshop will take place from July 22-26, 2015 at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio and include two nights (Friday & Saturday, July 24 & 25) where the community is invited to enjoy readings by acclaimed writers, including Richard Blanco.

“We’re very proud to be continuing the rich tradition of Macondo, which is really a gem of the local and national Latino literary scene,” said Guadalupe executive director Jerry Ruiz. “It’s a great opportunity for that literary community to gather, hone their craft together and share their work with each other. It’s important for our writers to have access to that kind of network to develop and advocate for their writing.”

Since its initial founding 20 years ago, the list of Macondistas has grown and members are dedicated more than ever in working toward community-building and non-violent social change through their writing. Through a major gift to the Guadalupe late last year from Sandra Cisneros and the Alfredo Cisneros de Moral Foundation, the Macondo Workshop is laying a new foundation for the longevity of the program at the Guadalupe.

On Friday, July 24 at 7:00 pm, the community is welcome to the Guadalupe Theater to listen to readings from a host of Macondo writers. In the past, attendees have been treated to the readings of Macondistas including Cisneros, Julia Alvarez, and Luis Rodriguez. Free public event.

On Saturday, July 25 at 7:00 pm, poet and civil engineer Richard Blanco, who was named by President Obama as the fifth inaugural poet in 2013, will read excerpts from his published works and participate in a book signing. Blanco’s printed collections of poetry include City of a Hundred Fires, Directions to the Beach of the Dead, and Looking for the Gulf Motel.
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